Experts explore adaptive approaches to strengthen consumer loyalty

By Felicia Nwosu

Experts in the marketing and advertising space have underscored some of the adaptive approaches brands can leverage to strengthen consumer loyalty in an era of uncertainty.

They said with inflationary pressures leading to a ripple effect across the economy, that both brands and consumers are faced with diverse economic challenges, suggesting the need to optimize marketing strategy with practical approaches to enable consumers navigate the uncertainties effectively and also to help brands retain their customer base to build loyalty that will sustain growth.

They made this disclosure while speaking with MARKETING EDGE ON TV recently in Lagos, when they affirmed that to navigate these uncertainties effectively, that brands must build relationship that transcend transactional alone but also deepened to reflect a genuine preference brand over its competitors because consumers are endeared to brands that show concern about their needs.

Rasheed Bolarinwa, President of the Association of Corporate Affairs Manager of Banks, said brands can differentiate themselves by providing top-notch customer service in a saturated market with their interaction, whether online or offline to leave a lasting positive impression on the minds of consumers.

“Brands need to communicate more to boost the loyalty of their customers. Brands who will be sustainable in the future are brands that do a lot of social listening and offer the best of service. When you have a gap, you should be able to explain and communicate more, you can never get tired of communication.”

Akinola Afere, Director, Client Services at Kantar (Insights Division)explained that it involves understanding customer needs, providing quality products or services, and ensuring seamless customer service through the lens of sustainability approaches.

“The fact that Nigerians are under pressure is not news but the brands still need to stay in business. What brands and businesses then need to do is to keep looking for ways to appeal to the mind space of the consumer, one such way is sustainability and sustainability initiatives, because it speaks to a concern about an environment, about social and economic development. Organizations and brands need to give more and need to communicate that giving a bit more to consumers.”

Adeola Kayode, Head of brands & Creative Services, 9Mobile, said it is about making every touch point seamless and memorable for the consumer through effective marketing communication strategy.

“The economic landscape is a lot tough now; the reversal of the truth is to keep our eyes on the consumers. As long as we understand the consumer’s pain, frustrations and aspirations as well, and to find ways to match to ensure that we match them both in energy, aspirations, in channels touch-points and messaging and the kind of products that we make.

“Truly, the economy is tough not just for the consumer alone but also for the brands but we need to find a way to continually keep engaging them. They need our products and services so we need to find effective ways, leveraging effective channels to ensure that our messages get to them effectively so that we can have effective results.”


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