Diageo partners CARE to tackle gender inequality on a global scale


Global brewer, Diageo has announced a new 5-year partnership with CARE International UK to promote women’s empowerment and build gender-inclusive communities that benefit its employees, customers, and multiple communities around the world.

Kate Gibson, Director of Diageo in Society stated: “The CARE-Diageo partnership will build on the strength of both partners to tackle gender inequality on a global scale. The next decade will focus on taking action at scale and we are looking forward to continuing to work with CARE to advance our shared visions.”

In Ethiopia, CARE conducted an analysis of Diageo’s smallholder barley supply chain which identified barriers to and opportunities for women’s empowerment within Diageo’s Local Raw Materials programmes.

In a published statement CARE disclosed: “The CARE-Diageo partnership aims to deliver transformational change in CARE communities throughout the Diageo value chain. Together we aspire to empower women and engage men to address the root causes of gender inequality through research, programming and advocacy activities.”

According to CARE, at every stage of the value chain there are different opportunities available to men and women and different barriers to overcome on a daily basis. Women are disproportionately disadvantaged throughout these experiences, whether they are smallholder farmers, workers in the hospitality industry or consumers buying products at the end of the value chain.

Still in its early stages, the CARE-Diageo partnership is currently building on the strength of both partners on a global scale to tackle gender inequality. By taking an end-to-end value chain approach the partnership is scoping initiatives which are firmly rooted in the needs of the women who Diageo interacts with throughout its daily operations.



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