CDP Institute lists Terragon as a verified CDP company

Terragon becomes the first and only African Company to be listed.

Africa’s leading data and marketing technology company, Terragon, has been listed as a verified CDP company by the CDP institute, having met the institute’s precise criteria for being added to its Directory as a RealCDPTM

This was made known recently in an announcement by the CDP Institute after an assessment of Terragon’s technology, processes, and user interface.   At the end of the process, the Institute announced that Terragon meets the criteria for being listed as a RealCDP™.   These include: ability to ingest data from all sources, to retain all details of ingested data, to store the ingested data as long as required, to assemble unified customer profiles, to share the profiles with external systems, and to react in real-time to events and profile requests.

With this announcement, Terragon is now listed in the directory of the CDP institute and is also the first African-founded, and only African CDP company to appear in the directory.

The Customer Data Platform Institute is a vendor-neutral organization dedicated to helping marketers manage customer data. It educates marketers about the issues, methods, and technology used to manage customer data, with a special focus on Customer Data Platforms.

David Raab, the founder of the CDP Institute had this to say about Terragon being the only African CDP company listed by his Institute.

“Every market has unique requirements.  We are pleased to welcome Terragon as a firm that will be able to meet many African companies’ needs for unified customer data.”

Speaking on the new development, CEO of Terragon, Elo Umeh acknowledged the verification, noting that it authenticates the great work done by Terragon over the years.

“We are very excited about this recognition. Being listed alongside leading global CDP providers is no small feat. It validates the work we do at Terragon. The team is elated and motivated to leading the charge in the African Data and Marketing Technology space”

On what differentiates the Terragon CDP from others, Mr. Umeh added “Beyond our CDP meeting the standards of this renowned Institute, Our CDP comes equipped with access to over 350 million profiles of African Customers; which gives them a huge leap in their data-driven marketing efforts

“Recently, Facebook also recognised our work. Currently, we are the only African-founded CDP company for the Facebook Conversions APi in Africa. Over the years, we have enabled intelligent connections between Africa’s leading brands and their customers. Our clientele is spread across top FSI, FMCG, E-commerce and Telco brands. The results always show that we meet and exceed the client’s objectives.” He added.

Terragon is a leading data and marketing technology company in Africa that uses data and analytics to help brands connect at scale to their customers. Terragon is also the only African-founded CDP company to be listed as a partner for the Facebook Conversions API in Africa.


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