Aleph Holdings introduces Aleph Payments to streamline cross-border payments

By Zion Rufus 

Aleph Holdings, a pioneering force in the world of digital advertising, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming cross-border transactions and credit underwriting within the digital ad tech ecosystem. The newly launched platform, Aleph Payments, promises to simplify the complexities of global payments and financing, providing businesses in the digital advertising sector with an innovative solution to enhance their operations.

Ignacio Vidaguren, Partner and Global COO at Aleph Holding, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “Today marks a significant milestone for us with the introduction of Aleph Payments! Building upon our role as a key player in global digital advertising within emerging markets, Aleph Group, Inc. is taking a giant leap forward by offering seamless cross-border payment and credit underwriting capabilities. If your business operates in digital advertising, streaming, e-commerce, or digital services and you seek efficient billing and collection processes across more than 65 countries worldwide, I encourage you to get in touch with my colleague, Damian Voltes.”

Aleph is renowned for its role in connecting 22,000 advertisers across 130 primarily emerging nations with leading digital tech platforms such as TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), Snap, Spotify, Uber, Meta, Microsoft, Twitch, and Google, among others. With the introduction of Aleph Payments, the organization is poised to extend its influence further by introducing a dedicated unit focused on global cross-border payments and credit underwriting.

The global digital advertising industry is projected to surge to a staggering $766 billion by 2025, according to industry experts at eMarketer. Simultaneously, the realm of global remittances and cross-border transactions is poised for significant growth, with transaction values expected to rise from $37.15 trillion in 2020 to $39.99 trillion by 2026, as predicted by Frost & Sullivan.

Over the course of 19 years, Aleph has honed its expertise in credit underwriting and cross-border payment offerings, serving advertisers and digital ad tech platforms.

Through its international network, Aleph presently manages an impressive $2 billion worth of total cross-border credit and payments. With a solid track record and a reputation for excellence, Aleph is now poised to extend its payment services to new partners and clients, leveraging its extensive experience in predominantly emerging markets.

Gaston Taratuta, CEO and Founder of Aleph and recognized as EY’s 2022 Entrepreneur of the World, emphasized the company’s adaptability, stating, “Aleph has been strategically built to seamlessly adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the digital industry.”

Taratuta outlined Aleph’s strategic vision, which includes expanding cross-border payment and credit underwriting capabilities across various subcategories within the digital advertising ecosystem. This expansion encompasses services such as SSPs, DMPs, DSPs, ad-quality, viewability, ad-serving tech, apps, gaming, and more.

Aleph’s expertise in local markets empowers global ad tech companies to focus on their core operations while providing local advertisers with the necessary financial support for their ad tech requirements.

The company also has plans to extend its services to current global partners, including industry giants like Spotify, Uber, and Meta. This expansion will encompass digital services beyond advertising, enabling cross-border payments for streaming, mobility, and commerce in various sectors.

Aleph envisions its newly launched Aleph Payments as a game-changer for over 5,000 current digital-native advertisers. These businesses, aiming to connect with global consumers, stand to benefit significantly from leveraging the innovative capabilities of Aleph Payments.



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