Agencies and brands harness Eid Mubarak to showcase creativity

By Abimbola Mohammed

In an effort to make the most of this year’s Eid Mubarak celebration, attract maximum attention, and cultivate a more loyal customer base, numerous Nigerian brands and agencies have launched unique and creative messages on their social media platforms to commemorate the occasion.

Eid Mubarak, much like any other festive celebration, has evolved into a season of heightened consumerism and shopping sprees. Marketers utilize this period to establish stronger connections with their consumers, employing effective marketing strategies to capitalize on the many opportunities it presents.

Ad agencies, outdoor agencies, and brands across the globe have taken advantage of the Ramadan marketing strategy to celebrate the season with creativity while promoting their respective brands. Some notable participants include SO&U, NIMBUS Media, Up In The Sky, 7interactive, Top Tea, DSTV Nigeria, Anakle, Bluebird Communication, Debonair Pizza, and Minimie Noodles, among others.

SO&U’s Eid Mubarak campaign garnered considerable acclaim for its humorous online creative greeting, designed to wish all Muslim brothers and sisters a joyful celebration. The campaign featured an animated ram wishing it were a chicken on the day of the celebration, aiming to avoid being slaughtered for the occasion. Accompanied by the background song “Vivid Imagination” by Wasiu Akinde, the creative emphasized that the ram’s wish remained confined to the realm of imagination.

The caption on the copy reads: “Wishing all our Muslim brothers and sisters joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity on this blessed occasion.”

Top Tea, a product of Unilever, sparked conversations with its Eid Mubarak message. The copy on its Instagram page depicted two tea cups clinking together in a toast, with the spilling tea forming an image of a ram, mirroring the color of the tea. The accompanying message read: “Taste the season with Eid Mubarak.”

The caption reads: “Sip into the season’s festivities with Top Tea.”

Up In The Sky, a creative agency, presented an interesting copy featuring a ram in the picture, wishing it could either be a lion or a chicken for the day. The pictorial message was accompanied by the caption: “The only day rams wish they were something else. Eid El Kabair.”

Bluebird Communication also joined in with its own message. The graphic work showcased powerful wishes in the shape of a ram’s head and its horns. The message read: “Wishing you blessings in all Ramifications this Sallah.”

With the caption: “You see what we did there? To our Muslim brethren, we just want to say we love you in all ramifications. Eid Mubarak.”

Minimie Noodles also displayed creativity with its visuals, featuring noodles cut in the shape of a minaret and a ram. The imagery included a message that read: “May this Eid bring togetherness, joy, and prosperity.”

“Happy Eid to our Muslim brothers and sisters. We hope you enjoy this Eid with your loved ones.”


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