Adeleye Fabusoro named Head of West Africa for CNBC and Forbes Africa

Africa Business News, the owner of renowned Consumer and Business news channels CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa, is pleased to announce the appointment of Adeleye Fabusoro as the Head of West Africa. In a move that marks a significant milestone for the region, Fabusoro becomes the first Nigerian Head of the business, succeeding Fredric Van De Vyver.

With a deep commitment to expanding and strengthening their presence in the local market, CNBC and Forbes Africa have strategically chosen Fabusoro for this pivotal role. His extensive experience and expertise garnered from diverse industries including banking, finance, advertising, and film/TV/multi-media production make him an exceptional candidate for this position.

Under Fabusoro’s leadership, CNBC and Forbes Africa are poised to thrive and achieve remarkable milestones in West Africa’s business market. The decision to appoint him as the Head of West Africa reflects the unwavering commitment of Africa Business News to empower African professionals and reshape the economic landscape.

Prior to joining CNBC and Forbes Africa, Fabusoro stood out as a multiple award-winning film, TV, and documentary producer/director. Notably, he served as the head of Development and Production at Storylab, following his resignation as COO of Rare Edge Media. His academic background includes a Doctor of Fine Arts from Prowess University Delaware, an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management from Obafemi Awolowo University, and a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan. Furthermore, he is a certified Data Scientist and Business Analyst, having completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Texas in Austin.

Fabusoro has been acknowledged as a visionary business administrator, successfully nurturing numerous startups into thriving enterprises. He has also emerged as a respected figure in the film and television industry, having transformed the lives of more than 500 students through his teaching and administrative roles. His impressive portfolio comprises over 1200 episodes of drama shows, more than 700 episodes of TV shows, three dozen documentaries, over 30 feature films, and an extensive collection of television commercials.

Beyond his accomplishments, Fabusoro extends his influence to the international stage, serving as a consultant for the United Nations and an Advisory Board member for IBH and Ckrowd Africa. With immediate effect, his appointment is expected to accelerate the exponential growth trajectory of CNBC and Forbes Africa.

About CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa:
CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa are globally acclaimed Consumer and Business news channels. Operating under Africa Business News, they are at the forefront of reporting on Africa’s economic growth and business developments. CNBC Africa has played a pivotal role in reshaping the African narrative and promoting investment opportunities across the continent, while Forbes Africa has established itself as a leading publication showcasing success stories and industry insights.


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