Verdant Zeal holds 11th Innovention Roundtable Series, explores synergy between AI and Marcom

By Oluwaseyi Lawal

Leading Marketing Communications firm, Verdant Zeal Group Ltd, held its 11th Innovention Roundtable Series on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and marketing communications. This year’s event aims to examine how AI will impact marketing communication in coming years.

The webinar, which had the theme, “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Marketing Communications”, was held on Thursday and was moderated by the Managing Director of AT3 Resources, Tosin Adefeko.

In his opening remarks, the Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Tunji Olugbodi, gave a background of the Innovention Series Roundtable and said, “The Innovention Series is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of the Verdant Zeal Group, initiated to examine the development of Africa, discuss the Nigerian project as well as pinpoint opportunities for development and growth on the continent.”

According to Dr. Olugbodi, this year’s roundtable will not be different. The theme for this year will centre around the examination of how AI will evolutionize the future of marketing communications.

The keynote speaker, Emeka Okeke, the founder and group CEO of MediaFuse Dentsu Nigeria, in his address, highlighted different ways by which AI is redefining the marketing world at large. He stated that, in video creation and production, more and more brands are choosing AI as their video generation partner to save time and cost. “AI is letting content creators and businesses create huge amount of contents within shorter time.”

Speaking on the Key AI trends in marketing, he said, “AI has allowed marketing communications predicts analysis for a better decision making process. It supports user behaviour forecasting by identifying patterns in user behavior. It has also supported better audience segmentation which has made analysis and qualitative data to drive near precision. AI is efficient in augmenting and enhancing teams for productivity, valuable for conceptualization and visualization stages, and it tasks marketing.”

Stressing further on AI trends in marketing, Mr. Okeke said that AI has helped in teaming, personalization and has made it possible to integrate with virtual reality and augmented reality. He mentioned that AI-powered voice search optimization has made several analysis accessible for the marketing industry. According to him, AI-powered voice assistant has been predicted to grow exponentially by 2024. He also mentioned that AI is playing a vital role in transforming the out-of-home segment of the industry.

Answering a question as to whether AI will replace marketing in the future, the keynote speaker noted, “AI capabilities cannot replace human capabilities to think and be creative as creativity is the lifeblood of marketing, regardless of the numbers AI propagates. Whereas humans have the capacity for empathy since empathizing with the audience is key, AI does not have that capacity.”

He also said that AI will inevitably replace some certain aspects of traditional marketing, especially the tedious analysis and trends as chatbots will in the next five years become more advanced in providing analytics and detailed insights into customer behaviour. He concluded by encouraging marketers to adapt and adopt AI to stay relevant in the business.

In the second session of the webinar, the panel discussants Wale Ekundayo, who is the founder of Cerebre Media Africa and Damilola Oluwatunmise, the founder of Code School Africa, offered valuable insights on AI and the future of marketing communications.

The experts discussed how AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are revolutionizing customer interaction, enhancing user experience, and fostering brand loyalty. The panel also explored the ethical considerations of AI, emphasizing the importance of maintaining transparency and data privacy in an era of heightened AI-driven marketing.

In the Q&A segment, participants raised stimulating questions that addressed AI’s capacity to enhance innovation, streamline repetitive duties, and customize material based on personal inclinations. The experts offered perspectives on achieving equilibrium between human ingenuity and AI mechanization, emphasizing that the technology ought to be seen as a means to enhance human abilities instead of displacing them.

The Innovention Roundtable Series is organized by Verdant Zeal Ltd and is a build up to the main event that is set to hold in October this year.


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