PRCAN blames “quacks” over failures in FG’s communications policy

Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN) has risen in strong criticism of the Federal Government over what it termed “lack of professionalism” in the manner of handling of government’s public relations policies.

The Organisation which is umbrella body for professional  public relations consultants in Nigeria is of the opinion that most apparent failures in government’s PR related issues were owing to reasons of poor management of controversies  by unqualified personnel that are usually employed by government to handle its PR.

Making these criticisms recently was President of PRCAN, John Ehiguese while speaking in an exclusive interview with Marketing Edge.

Mr. Ehiguese, who also is Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mediacraft and Associates Limited observed that there were constant, frequent and apparent failures in communication of government programs and activities, adding that such problems could only be addressed when government realises the need to deploy professionals in the handling of PR functions.

Drawing instances from what was the practice in public relations department of developed economies like Europe and America, the PR expert described as “aberration” the practice in Nigeria where government employed “just anyone from the media” into PR positions.

According to him, “Public Relations is a profession and an art which must be handled by persons who are well groomed in the practice. It is never an all-comers affair and must not be assigned to just anyone.”

He expressed regrets that PR profession had been infiltrated by all sorts of people who believe that PR could be practiced just by carrying a brief case. He added that PRCAN as a group was taking steps towards ridding the practice of quacks in the business.

He noted  that public relations practice in Nigeria  had witnessed significant growth in terms of standards of practice and remunerations, adding that the trend of affiliations by local consultants to renowned global networks have brought positive developments to the industry such as, among other things,  presence of  high profile international clients and access to world best practices.

“Standards are rising and overall I think we are better off than we were ten years ago.  I think the PR industry in Nigeria is growing, may be not as fast as we would like it or as I would have wished it to but it is growing. There are lots of challenges like in every other industry, but I think that overall we are making progress.”


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