My vision is to reposition EXMAN for strategic growth – Tunji Adeyinka

By Felicia Nwosu

Tunji Adeyinka, the newly-elected  President of Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria (EXMAN) and Managing Director of Connect Marketing Services, has stated that his vision and dream for the association is to reposition and strategically place the association on the path of future growth and viability by  raising the bar of  standard of practice through superior knowledge.

“My dream and vision for EXMAN is to elevate the practice through superior knowledge, international best practice, robust management of membership and different agencies. So, we are to provide, as a group, an association that has a high knowledge base and add value in conversations to clients and businesses.”

While responding on how he will be handling the challenges associated with debt delay, the new president stated that the issue of debt has been taken care of by the outgone executive. He lauded the past executive for achieving huge feats in ensuring that EXMAN is officially recognised by APCON.

The new sector head noted that some projects are already underway, and promised to concentrate more in ensuring quality service for EXMAN clients.

Hear him: “There are certain things that are already on-going, which I can say on conveyor belt through the regulator which is APCON. I will concentrate more on adding undiluted and unmistakable value to our clients through the kind of works that EXMAN agencies do because, at the end of the day, clients respect agencies who add value to them.”

Mr. Trade Adekunle, the former President of the association, while commenting on the change of baton of EXMAN, expressed his excitement and support for the newly-elected executives.

“It has been a great two years, though Covid -19 pandemic disrupted some of our plans for the association, but we were still able to achieve much. It is not in the number of programmes executed, but the quality of the things we achieved. This is what most members are quite appreciative of. It was not easy being recognised by APCON. The corporate license, the Brand Experience Summit, they were quite laudable projects that we achieved.

The Keskese boss also congratulated Mr. Adeyinka, while reaffirming his conviction that the new president is equal to the task describing him as a founding member of EXMAN.

“I believe sincerely that he is going to bring in his own experience. He had been on the agency side, went to client side, and he is back on the agency side. So, he is wearing so many caps and will be able to connect some of those touch points and lead the association stronger.”


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