MARKETING EDGE Awards deserve applause – Gbenga Omotosho

By Felicia Nwosu

Gbenga Omotosho, the honourable Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Lagos State, has declared that given the planning and credibility of the MARKETING EDGE Awards, both the organisers and the event deserve to be applauded. He particularly commended  the originator, organisers and the entire team of MARKETING EDGE for organising a colourful, timely and professional Award ceremony during the 2020 Marketing Stakeholders Summit & Brands & Advertising Excellence Awards held at the prestigious D’Podium International Event Centre, Ikeja, Lagos.

The commissioner made the commendation when he spoke with MARKETING EDGE on his assessment of the event. The Lagos State spokesman, who graced the 2020 edition of the event, applauded the Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of MARKETING EDGE, Mr. John Ajayi and the entire team for the success of the event, describing it as top-notch, especially considering the fact that it was held during the heat of Covid-19 pandemic last year.

Mr. Commissioner, in his testimonial on the Awards, said:  “From what I saw, I should commend the organisers of that event, the originator and the MARKETING EDGE team for being able to put that kind of event together at that particular time, when all of us were still worried about Covid-19, though it has not gone yet. It was an effort that should be commended by all of us, because they tried by getting the right people in the industry. It is one thing to organise an event, and then fill the whole place with people who have little or nothing to do with the industry. But that of the MARKETING EDGE was not like that. They got people from marketing, advertising, journalism, the big guys and stakeholders in the industry to attend. It was a well-packaged event; it was colourful and memorable. They deserve applause.”

Commenting on how the state and stakeholders in the IMC industry can leverage such event to make a big deal out of it for themselves,  Mr. Omotosho advised that, the event should go beyond just giving awards and suggested thus: “Part of what should be added to it is to organise a kind of exhibition for people to have a forum to talk about what they have done, who they are, where they are going, to tell their story, and from such stories, people will get inspired.  I feel the scope of the event should be expanded. That is how they can key into it and take advantage of it to be able to do better in what they have been doing that earned them recognition.”

The honourable commissioner suggested that for subsequent editions, the organisers should take advantage of the use of technology to ensure more inclusive editions.

“Due to Covid-19, we can’t begin to gather crowds. I urge the organisers to take advantage of the use of technology to ensure that many people participate online, use that to make a big deal of  it, this will help to popularise the award and make it more inclusive and more encompassing and giving more people the opportunity to participate in it. The advantage it offers is that for the mere fact that the big fish from various sectors of the economy  are under  the same roof is going to make it more respectable, attractive and bigger.”


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