DStv Media Sales, MIPAN confab explore cross-platforms in content sharing

By Abimbola Mohammed and Felicia Nwosu

The role of cross-platform in content sharing formed the crux of discourse at the 8th edition of DStv Media Sales (DMS) and Media Independent Practitioners’ Association of Nigeria’s (MIPAN) conference held recently at Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

The annual conference with the theme: “Cross Platform; Content & Context” provided media practitioners the opportunity to deliberate on ideas and platforms that will enable the right choice of advertising investment for brands and advertisers.

Kholeka Maringa, DStv Media Head of Sales, Africa, said the changing market and evolving customer needs have necessitated brands to reinvent content and channels of communication to connect with consumers. She noted that MultiChoice invests heavily in audience analysis to provide topmost data to brands and advertisers to aid their decision-making process.

Speaking on the theme of the conference, Maringa said cross-platform has always been in existence because marketers have always been planning across an array of media platforms like radio, TV, billboards, print etc.
She added that social media has really taken over in that sector.

Her words: “Content is no longer just big on the platform, which is TV. Content is now living across a variety of media platforms, especially on the social media platforms. So when you look at our business as DStv, we’re obviously a platform business whose products sit across various ecosystems.”

“You can get our product via a TV linear when you have a decoder, whether it’s a DSTV decoder or your GoTV decoder. You can then also access our products via the mobile and mobile devices. You can use your laptop to actually access and you can use the social media platforms, i.e. your Facebook, IG, etc. to access some of our platforms, because we’re live on those platforms. This means that, you know, when you’re planning, your media mix has become much bigger.”

“It is important for us to stay on the pulse of evolving customer behaviours, needs, and movements, and understand them intricately in order to pair brands with the perfect content dishes, tailored to varied palettes. It all begins with understanding the power of meeting audiences where they’re at, which is wherever their content favourites reside,” Maringa added.

In his address, Director-General, Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo, represented by Chukwudi Ezeaba, Head, Legal Service Advertising Regulatory Service, noted that advancing cross-platform excellence requires a seamless but conscientious amalgamation of platforms, mechanisms and networks to harvest a distinct and persuasive marketing strategy, a respectable intent to interconnect with clients by applying the influence of several platforms to achieve a purposeful goal.

Stating the benefits of cross platforms, Ezeaba said it helps to strategically coordinate and harmonize several platforms to develop a unified and coordinated marketing strategy,  expanded reach, enhanced brand consistency, increased engagement and comprehensive data insight.


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