“Creative industry needs to explore the future of Africa in AI

By Ibidunni Banjoko 

Experts in the Nigerian marketing communications space have identified critical reasons to explore the future of Africa’s Creative Industries in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This was discussed at the Innovention Series 11, a hybrid event, which took place at the Civic Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. The discussions focused on the theme “The Future of Africa’s Creative Industries in the Era of Artificial Intelligence (AI).” The event was organised by the Verdant Zeal Group.

While giving his remarks on the theme, Dr. David Abodunrin, the Principal Partner of Cubed Integrated Management Consulting, who served as the keynote speaker, emphasized the need for African creative experts to embrace AI.

He stated that the future belongs to those who can navigate through the era of AI and encourage the use of AI technology at all levels of production. “AI is not the enemy, it is a tool that can learn anything, including human feelings and emotions. By using AI, creative professionals can increase productivity, save costs, and reach more people,” he said.

Dr. Abodunrin also pointed out that another age of colonization has begun, with AI leading the way. He, therefore, emphasized the importance of collaboration in Africa.

Idoreyen Enang, the Group CEO of Corporate Shepherds Limited, reiterated that AI is not new and highlighted its origins in inventions such as smartphones and smart TVs. He stressed that the future is predictable.

Chisom Nwokwu, a Software Engineer at Microsoft, stated that AI is primarily about collecting data and called for increased awareness and education on the new development.

Ferdy Ladi Adimefe, the Founder of Magic Carpet Studios, encouraged creative experts to collaborate with AI to reduce costs. He explained that AI uses human intelligence to your advantage and suggested that its adoption should follow a similar path to the adoption of technology.

The event provided valuable insights into the role of AI in Africa’s creative industries and the importance of embracing this transformative technology for future success.


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