Blue Band extends to Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise and Canola in Kenyan market

In a bid to ride on the loyalty enjoyed by the original Blue Band, Upfield has extended the brand beyond spreads which includes Blue Band Peanut Butter, Blue Band Mayonnaise and Blue Band Canola Oil.

Commenting about the introduction on her Linkedin page, Motola Oyebanjo, Head, Corporate Affairs and Communications Africa at Upfield, said: “Upfield makes history today with Blue Band as we extend the brand fully beyond spreads, including Blue Band Peanut Butter, Blue Band Mayonnaise and Blue Band Canola Oil.

“At a fun, immersive brunch experience for top influencers in the capital city of Nairobi, we introduced the 3 great tasting, nutritious products with a delicious 3 course menu all prepared with the new Blue Band Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise and Canola.”

Stating further, she enthused: “From the empty plates and smiling faces, I’m guessing they were hits! Congratulations to the Kenya team for a superb outing.

“Head over to the Blue Band Kenya Instagram page and click on the highlights button for all the fun updates. Which product will you like to try out first?”

About Upfield

Upfield is a company selling multiple brands of margarine and other food spreads, including Flora, Blue Band, Stork, Becel, Country Crock and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!. It is the largest plant-based consumer packaged goods company in the world, operating in 95 countries.


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