9 Fintech trailblazers whose careers were moulded at Interswitch

By Joseph Ekeng
The influence of Interswitch alumni reverberates through the success stories of entrepreneurs who have transcended their roles at the fintech giant.
This in-depth exploration unveils the intricate journeys of these individuals and the fintech enterprises they now lead, each carving its niche in the vibrant landscape of Nigeria’s financial technology sector.
Moniepoint: Tosin Eniolorunda (CEO) & Felix Ike (CTO)
Tosin Eniolorunda, a luminary among Nigerian entrepreneurs, spent five years at Interswitch before founding Moniepoint in 2015. Starting as TeamApt, Moniepoint evolved into a dominant force, serving 98% of Nigeria’s commercial banks by 2016.
Eniolorunda’s leadership catapulted Moniepoint into agency banking, securing a significant market share. In 2023, the fintech expanded further with the launch of a personal banking service. Notably, Eniolorunda’s success has extended beyond Moniepoint, as he joined Oui Capital as a limited partner in its second fund.
Felix Ike, Moniepoint’s CTO and an Endeavour entrepreneur, spent 20 months as a software developer at Interswitch before joining Eniolorunda at Moniepoint in 2015. His pivotal role has been instrumental in the fintech’s technological ascendancy.
Cybervergent: Adetokunbo Omotosho (CEO)
Adetokunbo Omotosho’s eight-year stint at Interswitch paved the way for his founding of Cybervergent in 2012. Originally joining on a short-term contract in 2004, Omotosho rose to lead the IT infrastructure department. Cybervergent, now a cybersecurity company with clients spanning three continents, stands as a testament to Omotosho’s expertise in fortifying digital landscapes.
Chaka: Tosin Osibodu (CEO and Co-founder)
Tosin Osibodu, co-founder and CEO of Chaka, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after a five-month tenure as a data engineer at Interswitch in 2009. Launched in 2019, Chaka facilitates Nigerian investments in global markets and, in 2021, achieved the historic milestone of obtaining the Securities and Exchange Commission’s digital stock trading license. The startup’s success is underscored by over $1 million in funding from Microtraction, Future Africa, Seedstars, and more.
OnePipe: Ope Adeoye (CEO)
Ope Adeoye’s decade-long association with Interswitch, spanning two spells, laid the foundation for the establishment of OnePipe in November 2018. This embedded finance startup has garnered over $8 million in investments from Zedcrest Capital, DFS Lab, Techstars, and others.
Gladefinance: Liyi Victor (CEO)
Former Interswitch product manager Liyi Victor, after co-founding Navisite Business Services and Payit, embarked on his latest venture, Gladefinance, in 2020. The fintech provides comprehensive services, including expense management, working capital financing, and payment solutions for businesses.
eBanqo: Charles Ifedi (CEO)
Charles Ifedi, one of Interswitch’s co-founders, left in 2018 to establish eBanqo, a customer engagement platform utilized by prominent businesses such as Konga, Union Bank, and Healthplus. Ifedi’s venture simplifies customer engagement channels on a unified platform.
Revwit: Chinedu Ossai (CEO)
Chinedu Ossai, with nearly six years of experience as a sales manager at Interswitch, founded Revwit to address the scarcity of well-trained sales and marketing personnel in Nigeria’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. Before Revwit, Ossai’s career included a stint at the London Stock Exchange Group and a year as Head of B2B sales at Bolt.
WeMove: Celestine Ezeokoye (CEO and Co-founder)
Celestine Ezeokoye, a former software engineer at Interswitch, founded WeMove Technologies in 2013. This startup provides a marketplace for transportation needs in Nigeria, bridging users with available vehicles while enabling vehicle owners to monetize their assets.
Cowrywise: Edward Popoola (CTO)
Edward Popoola, an infrastructure analyst at Interswitch from August 2010 to February 2011, co-founded Cowrywise in 2017.
Initially a savings platform, Cowrywise has evolved into offering comprehensive digital wealth management solutions. The startup secured an asset management license from the SEC in 2021 and was an early participant in Y Combinator in 2018.
Payourse: Bashir Aminu (Co-founder and CEO)
Bashir Aminu, former Interswitch senior product designer, co-founded Payourse after stints at Yellow Card and Binance. The Y Combinator-backed startup provides essential infrastructure for building crypto products, raising $600,000 in a pre-seed round in 2021.
These narratives unveil the rich tapestry of Nigeria’s fintech evolution, woven together by the ingenuity and resilience of those who once called Interswitch their professional home. These entrepreneurs are not merely shaping startups but forging a legacy that defines the trajectory of Nigerian innovation in the global arena.


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