Obembe reveals AI strategy for consistent content tone, voice

By Felicia Nwosu

Opeyemi Obembe, a seasoned Public Relations and Advertising professional and a passionate digital creator, recently emphasized the critical importance of maintaining a consistent tone and voice in content to effectively resonate with consumers.

Obembe, known for her expertise in communication and social media, shared these insights on her LinkedIn page where she underscored diverse ways of leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance content creation.

Obembe stressed that understanding the audience is paramount, noting that while AI can assist in content generation, it cannot grasp the audience’s nuances as deeply as a human can. She advised communicators to invest time in comprehending their audience’s preferences and communication styles, ensuring that the tone and voice chosen align with these insights.

According to her, choosing the right AI tool is also crucial, especially with a myriad of AI tools available, which she also emphasized the need to select one that aligns with specific content goals and can generate contextually appropriate content.

The Pro Canvas Designer highlighted the necessity of clearly defining the stylistic tone intended for the content as well as the importance of customizing voice.

“Clearly define the stylistic tone you wish to convey in your content. Whether it’s formal, conversational, persuasive, or informative, AI can adjust its language output accordingly when prompted accurately. AI tools often allow customization of voice characteristics such as clarity, speed, and emphasis. This ensures that the generated content matches your intended voice, maintaining authenticity.”

Explaining that adapting content to different platforms is essential, the social media enthusiast maintained that customizing voice characteristics such as clarity, speed, and emphasis is another advantage of using AI, while also pointing out this customization ensures that the generated content maintains the intended voice, preserving authenticity.

“Adapting to different platforms, whether social media, blogs, or newsletters, require tailored tones and voices. AI’s adaptability allows content to be fine-tuned for each platform, ensuring relevance and engagement. Maintaining consistency across all content is a key benefit of using AI, and by generating content that adheres to predefined guidelines, AI helps ensure uniformity while responding well to human prompts,” she said.

She, however, cautioned that while AI aids in content generation, human review remains indispensable. She underscored the importance of reviewing and proofreading AI-generated content to ensure the tone aligns with the brand’s voice and to refine the content for enhanced clarity and coherence.

Obembe affirmed that by integrating these strategies, AI can become a powerful ally in content writing, helping maintain engaging and appropriate tones and voices tailored to audience and platform requirements.


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