Nigeria needs structured data to standardise ads targeting – experts

By Abimbola Mohammed

As customer behaviour becomes digital-first, marketers have embraced equally critical dual mandates – customer satisfaction and growth. Data is the foundation of both of these objectives, whether it’s to personalize customer experiences and build trusted relationships or to optimize the return on investment of campaigns and programmes.

However, gathering data, preparing it, analyzing it and ultimately turning it into insights is not without its challenges, especially as issues such as privacy continue to disrupt the old norms of data collection. As the quantity and variety of data continue to increase, particularly the increasing demand for first-party data and new rules and norms are developed to meet privacy and other challenges, the effective use of data is becoming even more important to marketing success.

While speaking to MARKETING EDGE on what brands can do to continue to effectively address their multiple audiences, experts spoke on what brand builders and marketers can do to develop a data-driven approach as a means of harnessing the consumer experience journey in a more customized and personalized engagement.

According to Ladi Ogunseye, the Chief Marketing Officer, Canary Point Corporate Services, the first step is for marketing professionals to understand their business and which data point is critical to their business. “Adopting a customer-centric data approach will also help marketers in improving operational efficiency while arriving at a faster, smarter and accurate decision making in decoding consumer’s appropriate needs in a customized and personalized format.”

The CMO urged marketers and business owners to optimise data in predicting trends and patterns and also in identifying potential buyers and evolving consumer behaviours.

On his part, Kolawole Oyeyemi, Chief Executive officer of Axiom Itel Limited, said: “Technology can help you drive operational and financial efficiencies. It can make you leaner, fitter, smarter, and more profitable. It can make you more innovative and enable faster market access. However, technology can also accelerate your extinction. And it can come as a barbarian from outside your industry.

“Mere leveraging technologies to digitise operations, assets and upscaling the workforce cannot be enough in the digital economy. If you truly want to capitalise on emerging opportunities in the digital economy, there is a necessity for a total rethink and overhaul of structures, culture, business models, revenue models, and route to market models.”

In the same development, data analyst Samuel Olumba, Project Manager & Team Lead, Youlead Africa, opined that Nigeria’s marketing communications industry needs well structured data, updated skill set and advanced technology for better ads targeting.

“The data in Nigeria is still not  structured, we need smart individuals who will come together to create the method of structuring that data  that can make ads targeting for projection more standard, secure to get things done properly.”


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