Nestle Nigeria trains journalists on nutrition, sustainability

By Abimbola Mohammed 

In a bid to encourage vibrant journalism, Nestle Nigeria in collaboration with Lagos Business School (LBS) Sustainability Centre and Nestle Nutrition Institute, organized training for journalists in advancing Nutrition, Health and environmental awareness programme.

The programme according to Nestle is aimed at equipping journalists who cover nutrition, health, sustainability, and agriculture with relevant information and skills required for database reporting.

The training started with two weeks online classes via zoom between June/July, while the in-person session kick-started today with an experiential tour to the Lekki Urban Forestry and Animal Shelter Initiative (LUFASI) Park in Lekki Lagos.

The tours, according to the organizers, are important and relevant to the training because it will help encourage and show journalists the need to preserve wildlife as they enlighten the public on climate change.

While giving her opening  remarks, Victoria Uwadoka, Manager of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Nestle Nigeria, said: “Nestlé as a company understands the importance of the right information in making nutrition and lifestyle choices that not only ensure a healthier life, but also a sustainable environment where we can all thrive.”

While speaking on the role of the media, she stated: “When one simple action is taken either in a big place or small place, it takes the power of the media to amplify it and extend the reach beyond borders; with the written words, spoken words and with audio visuals there are neither boundaries nor borders. So, the role of a journalist is super important; the role of the environmental enthusiast is as important as the role of the government on the challenges of climate change.”

Also speaking on the issue of climate change and pollution, Desmond Majekodunmi, Environmental Activist and Founder LUFASI, while addressing the journalists, highlighted the potential of the forest as a hub to drive the climate change message via environmental education.

“We need to stop the pollution immediately. As humans, we have between eight and 12 years to effect the necessary change our environment needs before the damage becomes irreversible. Prevention, they say, is better than cure; we cannot continue destroying our home and be smiling.”

He added that the irresponsibility in decision making by the government had also contributed adversely to environmental damage in Nigeria.

Majekodunmi also tasked brand owners on the need to make use of environmentally friendly material that will help preserve the wildlife, be eco-friendly and protect the forest.

His words: “As brands are planning for profit, they should also consider the people that are going to use their products as well as the negative impact or damage it may cause on the planet.”

His parting words read thus: “Stop pollution, preserve biodiversity, protect forest, plant trees, plant more trees, live sustainable lifestyle, mitigate and adapt now.”


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