Nestlé Launches Powder Seasoning Maggi into Nigerian market

Africa’s largest food and beverages company, Nestle Nigeria Plc has launched a new powder seasoning product designed specifically for Nigerian cuisine, called ‘Maggi® Signature’.

Maggi Signature comes in three flavour variants – Jollof, Miya and Pottages to intensify and enhance the Nigerian cooking experience.

Speaking during the launch, the Managing Director, Nestle Nigeria Plc, Mr. Mauricio Alarcon, said: “The addition of the ‘Maggi® Signature’ range to the company’s product portfolio is in line with ‘MAGGI® ‘Simply Good’ commitments. This includes a commitment to use familiar and common ingredients, which is another step towards fulfilling our ambitions to help individuals and families live healthier, happier lives.”

“At Nestle, we continue to support families to make healthier food choices every day by consistently delivering high quality nutritious products and providing nutrition education. Our aim is to encourage and support families to choose healthier lifestyles. This is in line with our purpose which is enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future,” he added.

Presenting Maggi® Signature range at the retailers launch event in Onitsha, Nestle Nigeria Category Marketing Manager,  Nwando Ajene, explained that, MAGGI® Signature jollof, Miya and Pottage have been designed to help take every day Nigerian dishes to the next level.

Ajene added that the new range of products have been tailored to suit the local tastes and cooking habits of the different regions in Nigeria.

She said: “Signature ‘Jollof’ seasoning helps the authentic party Jollof, Signature ‘Miya’ accentuates the ‘zoin’ taste of your favourite northern soups while Signature ‘Pottage’ seasoning brings to life that ‘correct pottage taste,’

MAGGI® continues to promote healthy lifestyles through product fortification and provision of practical nutrition education that reaches millions of women across the country every year.

‘Maggi® Signature’ is a unique blend of natural ingredients such as bay leaves, onions, tomatoes, chilli pepper and thyme commonly used in household kitchens across Nigeria. ‘Signature’ flavours are designed especially for Nigerian cuisine.

Maggi® Signature Jollof, Miya and Pottages were introduced simultaneously in 17 locations pan Nigeria including Kano, Jos, Enugu and Port-Harcourt. The launch included retailer engagements organized to raise awareness about healthy lifestyles, cooking and diets.




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