Meta introduces instagram’s marketing API to promote ads with tags

By Felicia Nwosu

To enable faster product discovery, deeper consideration, at the same time drive traffic and post engagement, Meta has introduced Instagram Marketing API to allow advertisers create and promote posts with “Product Tags”.

The leading social network platform said the Instagram Marketing API will handle other features such as feed photos, carousel and existing feed videos, providing third-party social-management platforms with a way to offer a new Instagram ad-placement type in their apps.

According to Meta, this new innovative adoption will accelerate and enhance content creations, as social-media managers specifically will now be able to schedule ads and posts, as well as customize Instagram ads in social-management apps through the dedicated API.

“This new process alleviates unwanted friction for third-party platform users and allows advertisers to more easily utilize Ads with Product Tags in new and existing media posts,” Meta said.

With the rapidly evolving tech landscape, the newly introduced app will help to drive innovation as Meta continues to update and build on two previous offerings made earlier this year. These include the addition of Search Ads placement via the API, which allows brands’ ads and promotions to appear in users’ feeds when tapping into a post from search results and several others. Overall, advertisers now have more options for managing their Instagram ads and organic content.


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