Meet MARKETING EDGE’s Q1 Summit panelist – Remilekun

Remilekun Dosumu is a dynamic advertising professional with a proven track record of driving strategic brand planning, media buying, and ensuring media compliance.

She specializes in marketing/advertising research, sponsorship evaluation, and content analytics, she excels in negotiating and fostering experiential consumer engagement. Her career aspiration is to revolutionize perceptions of media buying/buyers within Nigeria.

As the Senior Manager of Media Investment and Compliance at PHD Nigeria since 2022, Remilekun leverages her extensive experience, previously serving as Manager of Buying and Control and Senior Media Executive within the same organization.

With prior tenure at QTV Media and All Seasons Zenith, she has honed a diverse skill set and acquired comprehensive competencies. Committed to networking, continuous learning, and embracing new challenges, she thrives on opportunities for growth and exploration, both professionally and personally.


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