Maintaining brand consistency through content creation

By Ralph Tathagata

In today’s economic climate, how a brand stands out and makes a name for itself is more important than ever. In addition, how a brand builds lasting relationships with its customers is what keeps the brand ahead of competition.

A recent research has shown that the biggest representative of a brand is content, and for the content to have a maximum impact, it must be consistent.

According to Shutterstock, 60% of marketers create a minimum of one piece of content each day. Maintaining brand consistency in all that content would require a variety of content creators, as each writer has their own unique personality and style.

According to McKinsey & Co, brand consistency means making sure the words, design, perspective, and offerings all relate to the way a brand wants to express itself. It’s the secret to customer satisfaction.

When a content story is inconsistent, a brand seems disingenuous. If customers connect to a brand’s story on one page, then jump to a different page and see a completely different story, they feel disconnected. To make the customers happy, a brand should produce consistent content because by improving the customers’ experience, the brand also improves its value.

Inconsistent content is unpredictable, and unpredictability dissuades customers from trusting a brand. Inconsistent branding confuses the customers by forcing them to do the hard work of keeping track of what the brand is talking about, while consistent content fosters relationships with consumers

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 67% of customers say they’ll only continue buying products from a brand if they trust the company behind them. In all relationships, trust is built through consistency. Communicating the same values in the same voice at every customer touchpoint develops a reliable brand personality. When people can count on a brand, they’ll be more loyal.

What’s more, a PricewaterhouseCoopers study found that one in three customers say they’ll walk away from a brand they love after a single bad experience. Customers pick up on mistakes immediately. Therefore, if a brand wants customers to always think about it and focus on the heart of the messages, the content must be clear and consistent.

In addition to making a brand’s offerings more desirable, a research by Lucidpress has shown that on average, consistency increases revenue by 23%. In other words, the more people get to know and trust a brand, the more likely they buy that brand’s products or take advantage of its services.

A post on social media can boost a brand’s SEO, increase traffic on its website and social media platforms, and ultimately generate leads and revenue. Consistent content delivery makes sure that each new consumer who’s interested in a particular brand meets with the same great messaging their friends raved about.

Brand consistency means telling the same story over and over again, at every point of contact with consumers. Maintaining brand consistency may be challenging, but the benefits are worth it. No brand should miss out on growth opportunities by underestimating the powerful element of brand consistency in strategic marketing.


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