Leverage gamification to boost brand engagement – Omokehinde

By Felicia Nwosu

Seasoned marketing communications professional, Omokehinde Thomas, Digital Marketing Lead, Seven Up Bottling Company, has noted that the proliferation of digital platforms and other technological disruption have continued to record a milestone. With such remarkable shift, she counseled professionals to infuse marketing campaigns with gaming elements to foster brand loyalty and enhance their digital marketing efforts.

Stating this in an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE, she said professionals should leverage gamification to drive transformation with groundbreaking campaign initiatives, by incorporating and reshaping their campaign strategies with gamified elements that can make for a compelling user experience.

“Nigerian professionals can leverage the global momentum of gamification to boost brand engagement by incorporating gaming elements into content creation. This involves creating interactive and immersive experiences that can encourage participation, and build a stronger connection between the brand and its consumers and/or customers.

The digital enthusiast affirmed that in an era where content is king, the use of games of diverse strategies in marketing will offer even more innovative solutions, especially in helping to amplify the impact of campaign messages for impressive results.

“Utilizing gamification strategies, such as challenges and reward systems, can enhance engagement, increase brand visibility, and create memorable experiences for consumers, which I believe is the most important strategy,” she said.


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