Lagos State partners CIG Motors to unveil vehicle assembly plant

By Felicia Nwosu

As part of its strategies to promote the development of local content and employment skills of its people, the Lagos State Government has partnered with CIG Motors to officially launch the GAC Car Assembly Plant in the state.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, while highlighting the partnership between Lagos State and CIG Motors, said it represents a pivotal step towards greater industrialisation, more jobs, and technical training for the people of the state.

Sanwo-Olu noted that the ripple effect of this investment extends far beyond the automotive sector. According to him, it has ushered in a new dawn of employment, providing our industrious youths with well-deserved jobs, thereby significantly reducing unemployment in Lagos.”

“This partnership, born in the challenging days of the pandemic, has flourished, not only giving birth to the GAC Motor Nigeria CKD factory but also aiding the growth and expansion of our LAGRIDE project. These initiatives signify our commitment to progress, innovation, and the betterment of Lagos State.

“The opening of this vehicle assembly plant is a glowing emblem of our state’s openness to investments that foster job creation, skill development, wealth creation, and entrepreneurial opportunities.”


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