Heineken redesigns Strongbow Cider to check consumer apathy sales decline

By Joseph Ekeng

Amidst consumer apathy and persistent sales decline, Heineken has decided to redesign Strongbow Cider in a bid to re-energise the brand and reverse its dwindling fortunes.

Among the several changes, the brand has unveiled a new logo to tie in with the launch of Strongbow Tropical, a brand-new fruity offering made up of a mix of mango and pineapple.

The black and gold colouring has however now been replaced with fun pops of colour, ranging from dark purple to lime green.

According to reports, the brand which was created over 60 years ago, appears to have lost its brand appeal, especially among younger audiences hence the need for the redesign.

Aside from the need to reconnect the cider brand with the youth market, Heineken says the redesign concept would also make Strongbow attractive to new market segments, which is a key growth strategy.

Even though Strongbow Cider has existed in the past 63 years, it was not until 2015 that it was brought into the Nigerian market by Nigerian Breweries Limited.

During the launch in Lagos, Nigeria Breweries explained that Strongbow Cider “is an alcoholic drink that is globally popular and that Nigerians will love, especially those who want to try something new.  We believe Strongbow will be best enjoyed by young Nigerians as they wind down after work or on a night out with friends, we call this the Golden hour,” the brewery giant explained.

But the brand appears to have struggled in the Nigerian market ever since and has slipped down the pecking order in Nigeria Breweries brand portfolio.

To complement the new design concept, Heineken has released new flavours of Strongbow to give consumers the chance to choose options that are closest to their taste and lifestyle choices.

Heineken UK cider marketing director, Rachel Holms, said: “It’s not every day that a cider so cult that people have it tattooed on their bodies entirely changes the way it looks.

“This is a huge milestone in 63 years of Strongbow, and the start of a new chapter for us. And it’s only just the beginning.

“Setting the pace for what’s to come, we’re excited to show people what else we have in store for our summer of cider.”


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