Heineken 0.0 records $83.6mln sales in 2022

By Kingsley Odii

Heineken 0.0 is by far the best-selling non-alcoholic beer by sales, according to a recent data from the BWC company. The zero alcoholic beverage posted $83.6 million in sales in 2022, equaling the combined total of the two challengers – Budweiser and Busch NA.

Although, Heineken emerged a leader in the non-alcoholic beverage market, its success was not always guaranteed, according to Jonnie Cahill, chief marketing officer at Heineken USA.

In a recent interview with MARKETING DIVE, Cahill acknowledged that, initially, there were doubts surrounding the potential success of Heineken 0.0. However, as time passed, those doubts were overshadowed by a growing confidence in the product. He described the evolution of Heineken as 0.0 as a “genius move” that was bound to succeed.

“if you go back five years, there was an element of like, ‘Are we sure this is really a thing? Is this going to work?” Despite the initial uncertainty, executives at Heineken had reasons to be optimistic when they introduced Heineken 0.0.

“The growing trend towards healthier lifestyles and a desire for alcohol alternatives were clear indicators that a non-alcohol beer had the potential to resonate with the consumers. Heineken’s entry into the non-alcoholic beer market aligned with shifting consumer preferences for more balanced and mindful choices. By offering a high-quality and a refreshing non-alcoholic beer, Heineken tapped into a unique opportunity to cater to thee these changing consumer demands,” he said.

“The success of Heineken 0.0 is a testament to the company’s ability to adapt and innovate, staying ahead of consumer trends. It has since become a popular choice among consumer seeking a non-alcoholic option without compromising on taste and quality. Heineken’s commitment to the non-alcoholic beer market has paid off, solidifying its position as a leader in the space,” he added.

The brand’s dedication to creating high-quality non-alcoholic beer has resonated with consumers worldwide, contributing to its continued success. As the market for non-alcoholic beverages continue to grow, Heineken’s experience with Heineken 0.0 serves as an inspiration for other company’s looking to tap into this expanding segment.

“It demonstrates that with careful analysis, innovation, and a keen understanding of consumer preferences, success can be achieved in the non-alcoholic beverage market,” Cahill said.


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