Gregory charges PR professionals to harness the power of AI

  1. By Ibidunni Banjoko
Gregory Galant, CEO of Muck Rack, has charged public relations professionals to harness the power Artificial Intelligence (AI) to communicate effectively, build relationships and manage reputation in a fast-changing landscape. He said this in anticipation of World PR Day, which has the theme: “Harnessing the power of Public Relations”.
Gregory asserted that there are a lot of tools, and until PR practitioners use them it’s hard to really understand what the tools are and how far they can push.
He explained that when the spreadsheet came out a few decades ago before the spreadsheet if you wanted to run, they call running the numbers if you want to know a new assumption, what if we try raising our prices by 20% how does that affect our profit margin and then write out what we now do in a spreadsheet on a chalkboard and then you’d have the finance people literally run the numbers and spend a couple of hours doing the maths to figure out what happens when every time you come back.
“But what if we raise the price by 30% now you got to spend another two hours figuring that out stretching comes out takes this activity that used to take hours and makes it one second right you put that spreadsheet together you change the assumption from 20% to 30% you know your answer and you know under a second and yet we don’t have a whole lot of unemployed finance people, I think there are more people employed in finance for better or worse than they ever were before.
“Now we can run many more assumptions but you know we can be much more sophisticated in our financial decision-making anyway have a similar thing you know really accelerated now by the new AI technology out there we’ve already been on this path where there are plenty of things that it would take us you know before this year and all the latest stuff generative,” he said.
He continued: “AI things are able to do much faster today than we could have a decade ago, like cutting out news clippings now we can call automate that we’re putting the other list of whom we want to pitch in media list now they’re tools like ours or others that can do that very quickly whereas before you had to do a demo copy and pasting, manual research etcetera, and you know the number of people in the PR profession has only grown steadily because there’s a lot more power to that.
“I think we’re going to see that kind of accelerate where we where I think that it’s going to be a very good thing for this profession but we’re all to stay competitive in it and to be really great PR professional you have to really master these technologies and be able to leverage them so you can increase this depiction of your output spin spend more time ironically.
“I think it will let us spend more time with humans because you won’t be spending the time copying and pasting you know drafting very formulaic documents etcetera, we can spend that time talking to journalists talking to executives at companies to figure out what’s important what messaging get needs to get out there they generally kind of you know kind of performing all the essence of the craft,” he stated.


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