Euromonitor International unveils top global consumer trends for 2024

By Joseph Ekeng
Euromonitor International has recently launched its highly anticipated “Top Global Consumer Trends 2024” report. This annual report delves deep into the nuances of shifting consumer values and purchasing motivations, offering a profound exploration of the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), sustainability initiatives, and various social, economic, and political factors.
At the forefront of these trends is the phenomenon of AI stepping into the role of a co-creator for consumers. Euromonitor’s report highlights how AI is evolving into a pivotal influence on decision-making processes, reshaping expectations in brand engagement. The recommendation for businesses is clear: leverage generative AI to enhance personalization and elevate the overall customer experience. The report predicts that these platforms will become increasingly integrated into consumers’ daily lives, marking a transformative era in consumer-brand interactions.
The integration of AI as a co-creator represents a paradigm shift in how consumers engage with brands,” states the Euromonitor report.
Another significant trend is the pursuit of “Delightful Distractions” as consumers actively seek an escape from the stress and anxieties of daily life. Notably, the report reveals that 29% of consumers are comfortable with brands tracking their emotions to personalize experiences based on their moods. This marks a shift towards a more emotionally intelligent approach to consumer engagement, where brands become attuned to the individual emotional states of their customers, offering a potentially revolutionary change in the dynamics of brand-consumer relationships.
On the sustainability front, the trend of “Greenwashed Out” emerges as consumers, while committed to sustainable living, express skepticism about the genuine commitment of companies and governments. The report emphasizes a growing demand for tangible proof of eco-pledges, calling on organizations to step up and demonstrate meaningful impact through resource utilization. As consumers become more discerning, companies will need to move beyond rhetoric to provide concrete evidence of their commitment to sustainable practices.
Euromonitor’s report also explores the trend of “Progressively Polarized,” wherein political and social issues take center stage in shaping personal identities. These belief systems are not confined to private spaces but actively influence perspectives, values, and attitudes, motivating consumers to express their convictions boldly. Social responsibility, political affiliation, and sustainability initiatives are identified as key factors driving consumer spending decisions.
In the context of a persistent cost-of-living crisis, the report introduces the concept of “Value Hackers.” Consumers are strategically adjusting their financial mindsets, with a notable 44% planning to save more money in 2023. This segment of consumers employs increasingly clever strategies to secure the best deals, signaling a shift in consumer behavior shaped by economic uncertainties.
Furthermore, the report sheds light on “Wellness Pragmatists,” a segment of consumers actively seeking fast and effective solutions to enhance both physical and mental wellbeing. Demonstrated effectiveness is identified as a pivotal factor influencing their purchasing decisions. This trend underscores the growing awareness and prioritization of holistic wellness, with consumers seeking products and services that deliver tangible and immediate benefits.
Alison Angus, Head of Innovation at Euromonitor International, emphasizes the interconnectedness of consumer preferences with the sustainability agenda, technological progress, and the impact of sociopolitical issues. She advises companies to navigate sensitive subjects with caution while remaining true to their brand’s core values.
Euromonitor International’s latest insights provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of the evolving consumer landscape. As businesses navigate this dynamic terrain, understanding and adapting to these trends will undoubtedly define success in the ever-evolving global marketplace. The integration of AI, the pursuit of delightful distractions, the demand for genuine sustainability, the impact of political and social beliefs, and the strategic financial mindset of consumers all contribute to a rich tapestry that businesses must comprehend to stay ahead in 2024.


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