Diageo to roll out paper bottles for Baileys cream

By Ralph Tathagata

Diageo says it is introducing a paper packaging trial for its Irish cream liqueur brand Baileys, the group’s first consumer-facing paper bottle test.

According to Diageo, the paper packaging is made using molded cellulose-fibre pulp that has been layered with an inner plastic liner and topped with a foil seal. Baileys paper packaging trial will consist of 2,000 bottles.

The paper format, which comes in ‘mini’ 80ml bottles, will trialed first at Spain’s “Time Out Festival” in Barcelona.

Diageo wants to test how the paper bottles travel from their filling site in Ireland to Spain, as well as assess consumer sentiment about the product. The group said it is “exploring” paper formats across its portfolio.

The trial is being done in partnership with the sustainable packaging consortium the Bottle Collective, PA Consulting and Swedish dry moulded fibre packaging producers PulPac.

“We are delighted that the Diageo Baileys Minis are now hitting the consumer market. Dry molded fiber bottles are a huge step forward, setting new standards in the world of more sustainable packaging,” Jaime Stone design and innovation expert at PA said.

“But this is only the beginning. PulPac’s dry molded fiber technology has immense potential: not only is it water-saving, energy-efficient and recyclable, but it is also viable at commercial manufacturing speeds and scale.

“Working with Diageo and other organisations through our Bottle and Blister Pack Collectives has enabled us to pool resources and dramatically accelerate the time to market for this important innovation,” Stone said.

Diageo has a series of targets to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. The group is aiming to increase the “recycled content” in its packaging to 60%” and reduce the total weight of its packaging by 10%.

Credit: Yahoo Finance


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