Diageo to promote responsible drinking with Know When To Stop campaign

Brewery giant, Diageo has unveiled “Know When to Stop”, a global campaign designed to promote responsible drinking during the festive period.

The campaign which is rolled out across the brewer’s social channels, is part of the company’s commitment to reach one billion people with dedicated responsible drinking messages by 2030 and to educate people on the risks of the harmful use of alcohol as part of its 10-year action plan.

Speaking on the initiative, Global Director of Diageo in Society, Kate Gibson said: “We know the holidays are an important time of year for people to be getting together and celebrating. This campaign is a fun, festive reminder that there’s a happy limit to everything and the holidays are best enjoyed in moderation, be that drinking, eating, or binge-watching.”

The global campaign has been designed to signpost adults to DRINKiQ – a global resource to help people make responsible choices about drinking, or not drinking. DRINKiQ is available in 16 languages and 35 country sites and is a dedicated responsible drinking website that provides training, information and practical advice on alcohol and its impact on the body, along with a range of resources to encourage moderate consumption.

Speaking on the online resource, Kate Gibson added, “DRINKiQ is a great place for people to go to find out more about alcohol, the impact it can have on their bodies, and the importance of drinking in moderation.”


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