Context, not content is now the king– Filani

By Felicia Nwosu

Opeoluwa Filani, General Manager, Showmax Nigeria, has revealed that the popular quote ‘content is king’, has been challenged and no longer holds water in today’s consumer’s buying habits.  According to him, context is now the reigning king. He also noted that content should e delivered in a compelling and incredibly effective manner that meets the needs of the consumers. Filani made this revelation during his interaction with Benjamin OKoh and Tony Ekweaga on “Brands and You”, on Classic 97.3 FM.

As for content, the renowned IMC practitioner said, “it is the centerpiece of marketing communication”. He also emphasised the need for brands to leverage context as a strategic approach with a focus on creating and churning out valuable, relevant, and consistent content that will spur and retain a clearly-defined audience with purchasing intent as well as boost the intrinsic return of investment.

“Context is actually what is king. This means the audience comes first. However, the ability to deliver content to the right audience at the right time, in the right mood, no matter how it is created or generated, makes for good engagement between the brand and its customers. On the other hand, if the content is not properly situated (contextualised), you will not get the right feedback”, he averred.

The first Showmax Nigeria  GM encouraged brand managers to ensure that the audience is at the heart of every creative content to generate conversation within the intended audience.  The marketing expert averred that the generated conversation is imperative to building loyalty and trust with the consumer over time.

“The Content strategy is a long term one, and what you will find is that more and more brands in Nigeria are beginning to leverage it. Your storytelling must be consistent. The more you can deliver the content in a consistent and unified process to the right audience, the you get the kind of results that you aiming for.” By doing this, you build brand loyalty”.

He noted that technology has played a huge role in influencing context, especially with the change in media consumption and interaction by the audience, where everyone has become a content creator on various social media platforms.

“Technology has generated opportunities such as tracking and has also generated issues around privacy. Media has evolved over the years. Self/user generated content is the order of the day now, which is similar to what you call ‘word of mouth’. The believability of that content that is generated coming from a customer rather than the brand is higher. Brands are beginning to use this kind of channels that speaks to the audience”, he stated.








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