Brands need to collaborate with agencies, tech companies – Elatuyi

By Abimbola Mohammed

Agencies and brands need to co-create because nobody is an embodiment of knowledge and information. Brands need to collaborate with agencies and tech companies to be able to inform and convince their consumers.

The above assertion was made by Dr. Omotola Bamigbaiye Elatuyi, Marketing Director, Sub-Saharan Africa for Pladis Global, at the 2022 MARKETING EDGE Summit and Awards with the theme: “Technological Explosion in the Digital Age: Imperatives for the Marketing Communications Industry”.

The prestigious event was held at Harbor Point event center in Victoria Island, Lagos for the in-person attendance while also streamed live on MARKETING EDGE YouTube page with over a thousand participants.

Dr. Elatuyi, while speaking on collaboration, said: “I feel like if you are not co-creating you are in a world of your own because nobody is embodiment of the information and knowledge you will definitely need the agency and someone in the technology space to direct your activities because technology today gives us all the insight that we need its enables us to personalize our activities.

“It also enables us to better integrate the choices that we have because at the end of the day today’s consumer is looking into something specifically made for them, they want to be spoken to on whatever platform they want to feel special, they want the brand to recognize them.”

She added that without collaboration, supports from digital agencies, many brands wouldn’t have survived. “Without the support of digital agencies and technology lead initiative that they give details on how to survive so there is really no way you can do it other than to co-create and appreciate the support that they give you because in all honesty, digital enable us to its further mind the insight that we get, it so fragmented these days that impression don’t do it anymore.”

In the same vein, while she speaks about influencers and their impact on brand engagement she said often time using influencers don’t necessarily generate the kind of information and data needed by brands to convince clients to buy.

“Looking at the way we use influencers today, they have millions of followers but not much engagement, the level of engagement is very important because it enables you know how your consumers relate with you, what they are saying about you, how they like your brand, when they consume your brand, that level of data and insight can help look inward and better strategy and better reorient your activities such that the consumer needs are really met.”

Dr. Elatuyi added that the principle of marketing hasn’t changed, it has only been enhanced with technology but the digital advancement must answer two things which are to inform and convince because without that there will still be struggles.
She advised that both brands and agencies should embrace tech: “With the level of advancement, and new things coming up every day, I think technology is something we all need to embrace because it enables us better skills and personalization, without agencies brands will not be able to do much.”


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