Bosch Group to increase investment in Nigeria

Bosch Group, a global firm which specializes in automotive parts and accessories as well as automobile technology and which is represented in 150 countries across the world, has announced the intentions to increase its business in Nigeria.

Regional Sales Director of the Group, Mr. Ofori Benjamin Kweku, said that the firm was seeking new investment drive that would enable it provide significant value-added services to the Nigerian economy.

Kweku added that since January this year, Bosch PT has strengthened its presence in Nigeria with its corporate office located in Lagos from which its services are spreads across the country.

He further stressed that the firm’s new plans would strongly underline the importance of collaboration between German and Nigerian companies and economies to foster strong relationships for a bright future to the benefit of all parties involved.

Bosch Group has been in Nigeria for more than 80 years and has been active as a major distributor and agent of technological equipment.


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