ARCON partners 02 Academy to boost capacity, professionalism

By Felicia Nwosu

In sync with its statutory role of fostering a strong regulatory framework, the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), has brokered a strategic partnership with Nigeria’s leading advertising school, 02 Academy.

The new deal is in furtherance of ARCON’s plan to promote professionalism, ethics as well as foster capacity building that will enhance advertising potential of its professionals.

Speaking on the cheering news of the recently signed partnership in an interview with MARKETING EDGE ONTV, Ozoemena Mbanefo, the Founder of Oxygen Academy, popularly known as 02, said the partnership with ARCON has given the advertising school the regulatory provision and recognition to train, hold workshops and also to give recognized certification to students.

“The very first thing they did was to make 02  an examination centre – that on its own boosted our confidence, because that tells us that they believe in us helping to shape young advertising professionals into the ad industry. Having done that successfully for 17 years, they saw the reason to be part of what we are doing and we are very excited about that.

“ARCON has gone further to strengthen and deepen the level of partnership with us which is why today, the body decided that they want to have a stronger collaboration with 02 Academy in the area of training, workshops and, of course, examinations. For us, it is the right step in the right direction,” he stated.

Mbanefo said the partnership with ARCON has repositioned the academy as it will boost its confidence and self-esteem.

The seasoned  marketing strategist added that the initiative serves as a testament that the regulatory body recognizes the transformative role the academy plays in developing higher-level thinking skills among future professionals.

“I will tell you, some other leadership would have ignored us, but we never knew they were watching the level of results and the effectiveness of what we are doing.

“Recently ARCON made O2 Academy an examination centre and I tell you that move is a huge one, because we are the bridge between the fresh graduates from school and the industry.

“For us as an academy, we will partner with anyone who is out to see that things are done properly and that is where we stand as oxygen – giving life to lives, to make life better for other lives,” he said.

The renowned professional affirmed that ARCON is playing a vital role in influencing policies, shaping curricular frameworks, and instilling a collaborative spirit in pushing boundaries in various industry initiatives.

He lauded ARCON for its steadfast resolve in championing a future that blossoms from collaboration, partnership and a shared pursuit of excellence.

“I call it the town and gown, so we are the bridge between the town two, being able to identify the role we play which makes us part and parcel of the system. A big kudos to ARCON. For us, it is the way to go because right now, we are there to help bring in more people into advertising and even get more student membership into the practice.”

He reiterated that Oxygen Academy is poised to usher in an epoch where advertising excellence thrives with exceptional professionalism thereby laying the cornerstone for a future that is not just brighter but harmonizes the holistic growth of the entire ecosystem.

The 02 Provost further noted that the world is currently reimagining and reinventing career paths to respond to the current needs of the labour market.

He, therefore, stressed that his advertising learning academy engenders a fertile ground for growth, encouraging the incubation of forward-thinking and adaptable programs in the ad space.

“02 which is oxygen is simply designed to be that springboard that gives life to every brand and every young person that wants to get into the business of brand communication.

Mbanefo affirmed that partnering with  such a notable body with national regulatory relevance , will help reposition the value proposition of the academy in promoting professional ethics.


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