ARCON approval gives AMA great stature and high standing – Adzufeh

By Abimbola Mohammed 

Following the approval of Alphabet Media Academy (AMA), one of the leading advertising schools in Nigeria by the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), Eki Adzufeh, Chief Executive Officer, AMA, has said the approval now gives the Academy great standing as an advertising school in Nigeria.

According to him, ARCON will now award Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising (PDA) and register trainees as Associate members after writing the last stage of the ARCON Diploma Examination.

His words: “The MoU signed means an official confirmation of the endorsement of AMA from ARCON as the industry regulator. This will give AMA a great stature and high standing in the Advertising industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.”

Explaining further, Adzufeh noted that the MoU will enable students of the academy to register professionals in the integrated marketing communication industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

“For the students, especially the Diploma graduates, it makes it easier to become a registered practitioner which is compulsory for all advertising practitioners without which the person will be considered an illegal practitioner.”

“In addition to that, such a person will also be awarded the Diploma in Advertising Certificate from ARCON. This is a great combo as the graduate will receive AMA Dear Diploma certificate and ARCON Diploma in Advertising certificate plus being registered as a practitioner,” he said.

The Academy boss noted that the move will give AMA the much needed growth and positioning that it needs, adding that people will be more confident to enrol in the academy.

“This will obviously make the Academy grow as many people will now understand that AMA has the curriculum that is accepted by the industry regulator and that it is positioned as the foremost academic institution in that sector of the industry that can be relied on. Of course, I expect that more people who have been sceptical about AMA will now be more confident and will want to give it a try and I am pretty sure that they won’t be disappointed.

“Indeed for those who took the initiative before now to join AMA can attest to the practical nature of our modules that are taught by practitioners who are still actively involved in the industry. We have successfully had 10 Cohorts with the 11th one still ongoing. This is unbeatable and it can only get better,” he said.

Alphabet Media Academy was launched in 2018 to provide adequate training for practitioners in the Integrated Marketing Communications industry and bridge the dearth of manpower in the sector. The academy had partnered with the Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MIPAN) whose various agencies could absorb the students


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