Amber energy team eases Lagos traffic congestion

By Abimbola Mohammed

In commemoration of its one year anniversary and in furtherance of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Amber energy drink, a premium brand from the stable of Amber Energy Drinks Ltd, has embarked on a new initiative aimed at relieving Lagos motorists of the hassles of vehicular traffic in the metropolis.

The initiative which took place at three different locations around Agidingbi, Acme Road and Lateef Jakande Road, Ikeja, has the Amber traffic team ready at different locations controlling the movement of vehicles.

Speaking on this CSR initiative, Assistant Head of Sales, Amber Energy Drinks Limited, Korede Omole, stated that assisting LASTMA in the control of traffic was part of the activities lined up in commemoration of the brand’s one year anniversary. “Amber is giving back to the consumers and its host community for trusting them and patronising it.”

Omole further said: “This token from Amber Drink Ltd, as a CSR activity, is a way of appreciating LASTMA for their job, by joining them to ease the traffic around different locations across the metropolis, thereby making Lagos state a better place.”

He added that the brand is concerned on how to ease the problem of its consumers. In his words: “As a brand, we are always very particular about easing Nigerians’ problems. That is why we have been engaging in different activities such as the youth empowerment programme; it is all about making the life of an average Nigerian better.”

Also present at one of the locations at Agidingbi, was the Head of Audit department, Femi Adeyemi who disclosed that the CSR activities would be an annual event but with more impactful projects in the brand’s subsequent celebrations.

Adeyemi, in the same vein noted that, Amber’s anniversary was an avenue to appreciate the society for being loyal and supportive to the brand since it kicked off a year ago.

“This is part of who we are; we are a brand that values customers and we felt this is one of the ways to express our gratitude. We know that traffic is one of the major problems in Lagos. We also know how hectic the job of LASTMA officials is. Amber therefore decided to contribute its own quota to Lagos State and Nigeria at large through our social service.”

He stated that Amber is also set out to empower Nigerians through the introduction of its online game popularly known as Amber Rush Game, where winners have emerged becoming millionaires since it was launched.

Also speaking, a LASTMA official who was present at Acme Road said before the Amber team came, the traffic was very heavy. In her words: “Before the Amber team came to this axis the traffic was very heavy at Acme Road because the APC secretariat is blocked. The traffic was much, but presently it has really reduced. And going from Cadbury inward Omole has also reduced drastically because the road is always blocked due to Ojodu Berger road issue, but when they came the traffic became less.”

An officer from the Central business District (CBD) said the team came at the right time when the traffic is always very heavy. The CBD officer said Amber’s effort has really gone a long way in terms of smooth flow of movement. “We the officers really appreciate and thank the Amber group for joining us in controlling the traffic. Since they arrived at this spot, they have done a great job for us because if they were not here, this Lateef Jakande road would have been blocked by now. But because of their presence everywhere is now free and we are relieved.”

He continued: “We really appreciate the team for their help today and we are thankful for what they did. We would love them to come around often to come and help us and it would be a good thing if other brands can also do what the Amber team did today.”

A motorist who identified himself as Mr. Oyedola said: “I wish they can maintain the initiative and I really appreciate their presence here because it really helped. Now I can get to my house in time and meet my family.”

Mrs. Afolayan, a staff of Lagos State Government, disclosed that every time they block the Acme Road, all other axis around there is also blocked: “I work at Alawusa, so I know how heavy the traffic on this road is, but getting to this junction and seeing the Amber team is really a good one I must say.

“The fact that they are even giving us their product is really a good one coming from Amber. I personally appreciate their effort and would continue to buy this brand for this initiative. Thank you Amber.”

Also adding to what the other team members said on the initiative, Head of Modern Trade, Amber, Mr. Ogundare Ayobami said: “Amber is marking one year and the essence of this initiative is to give back to the society. Secondly, to build our brand equity we want people to know we are here and we really mean business in Nigeria environment and Africa at large.

“We have divided ourselves into two groups; some of us are controlling the traffic flow while others are sharing Amber energy drinks for commuters and motorists.”

Speaking further, he said they have been able to assist the traffic wardens to ease the traffic and they are very cooperative and also appreciate the Amber team for coming out.

The Amber CSR initiative is designed to help control the flow of traffic jams that affect Lagosians on a daily basis as traffic can be infernal and sometimes a nightmare for residents with the ever increasing population on a daily basis.


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