Adopt AI to freshen marketing perspective, Adeteye tasks professionals

By Abimbola Mohammed

Mabel Adeteye, Head of Brands and Marketing Communications at Wema Bank, emphasised the need for marketing communications industry, brand owners and marketers to adopt fresh perspectives on marketing strategies in the era of artificial intelligence. Her submission is anchored on the fact that consumers now have different options and also determine how brands should reach and communicate with them.

Adeteye made this known at the just concluded first virtual quarterly summit organized by MARKETING EDGE with the theme: “Reshaping Marketing Communications: Leveraging The vast Opportunities In AI for Brands’ Sustainability”.

She noted that contrary to some popular opinion, Artificial Intelligence will not take people’s jobs but someone who knows how to use it effectively will probably do. She added that it is important for professionals in the communication space to get familiar with tools that can help maximize communication activities and tactics with the audience.

Her words: “AI is the key to the human factor to be able to sell correctly and sell right. It is important to reshape marketing communication with the advent of AI. The marketing landscape has changed more in the past 5 years than in the past 50 years. Consumers have also changed their behaviour beyond recognition. How they respond to communication and marketing activities are largely being impacted. The habits around how they even want to engage have impacted communication. Audiences have more choices to make these days.

“They have more distractions speaking to them with the same timeline that we all have. The trends of marketing these days can easily shape the communication industry. The things that marketing communication professionals are used to and how we communicate with our audience. Advances in communication technology also have increased the interaction between buyers and sellers, between customers and the interaction with the product and product owners, brand owners.”

“So all of these things actually defined the need and the importance for marketing communications owners or brand experts to reshape the way we communicate with our target audience.

“To reshape the messaging that we craft, to reshape even the timing that we adopt in communicating with these people because their behavior, the way they want to communicate the things that are speaking to them on a day-to-day basis have actually changed their perception and the way they consume our communication activity strategy,” she explained.

Adeteye noted that the reason marketers and brands need to or are using AI is to help them achieve six key tools.

“There are six key tools that AI helps marketers to achieve which are: Customized messaging, automation, prediction in future solution, audience measurement, analytics and insight and also customization in product and preposition.

“But one thing I want us to understand is that these six points are not the strategy, they are like the tools that help you to be able to maximally optimize communication activities and tactics with the audience.”

She continued, “So, a combination of a strong marketing communication individual who understands strategy, the dynamics in consumer behaviour, trends and the way AI is utilized should be able to drive this engagement.

The seasoned communications expert noted that brand strategists should be able to speak to their audiences by understanding them through the help of AI.

“Your understanding of the insight that comes with AI will largely help you to incorporate what you want the AI to do for you. Craft marketing and brand activities using AI to be able to drive return on investment,” she added.

She posited that leveraging the vast opportunities in AI for brand sustainability is something that will largely help individuals, brand experts and organizations to utilize AI to drive their objectives.


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