Accord Party declares Ogunbiyi as gubernatorial flagbearer

By Felicia Nwosu

As the Osun State governorship election gains more momentum, the Accord Political Party has formally declared Dr Akin Ogunbiyi, a technocrat and business magnet as the governorship flag bearer of the party.

Millions trooped in from various parts of the country to witness the landmark event held at Freedom Park in his home town Iwo, Osun State. Personalities at the event included some of the party’s stalwarts across the country and other party loyalists who gathered en mass to show their solidarity for the ideology of the party.

Ogunbiyi was formally and publicly presented with the party flag by the National Chairman of the party, Mohammed Nalado supported by other party loyalists as they proudly and gladly presented him to the people of Osun state while rallying for their support.

The National Chairman reiterated that Dr Ogunbiyi and his deputy Kunle Jimoh are the change Osun State needs to reposition itself.

“The day has come, this is the real change. We all know what is happening and we know what we need to do to change what is happening presently. This is the new change and the true change.”

The Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC boss,  whose wealth of entrepreneurial experience is a pointer to his quality leadership profile said his administration’s mantra will be industrialisation via agriculture. He enjoined the residents to key in and support his agenda for changing the narrative and making the paradigm shift that will translate into birthing a new Osun State possible.

“My fellow citizens of Osun State, do not believe in the old and discredited playbook that your mind can be skewed and your actions determined by envelopes of money that is not from hard work and beneficial value-addition. We must be guided by democratic norms, and value-adding acts of dedication, not noise, lies, vainglory and empty promises. We will be deliberate and disciplined and encourage every citizen, to take ownership of the Osun Development Project. We will all join hands, set the tone and achieve the urgently needed paradigm shift that will give birth to the Osun State of our dreams. A leading State in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Accord governorship aspirant assured the Osun people of his commitment to delivering a mandate geared towards the progress,  development and the possibility of the creation of a new Osun State. He vowed that his administration and leadership will not behold any generation to waste way.

“I, as your Leader, will be the champion of progressive development, productive transformation, skill acquisition and drastically improved livelihood. I will build men, women and youths and as well, be a beacon of honour and integrity.”We shall create a mega-investment outfit to attract national and international investors. We will give financial and technical support to small, medium, big and mega enterprises. Mineral resources shall be turned into high yielding finished products, with the support of local, national and international strategic partners. I desire to create sustainable impact and responsible governance in every dimension of the lives of our people.”

Presidential candidate of Accord Party, Prof. Christopher Imumolen, revealed that, without doubt,  Ogunbiyi is a prayer answered to the people of Osun State, adding that his track record in driving business growth is a glaring advantage to leverage upon.

“God has answered the prayer of Osun State and has brought the right person for the right job. He has presented Osun State with the man who will make it what it ought to be, a man who has succeeded in his endeavour.”

Meanwhile, comments from Osun State indigenes speak to the wide acceptability of Ogunbiyi’s candidacy by both the elite and grassroots people in the state.

Elder Olusegun Akinwusi, former Head of Service of Osun State of Extolling the virtues of Dr Akin Ogunbiyi said. “he is a man of integrity and an accomplished entrepreneur whose philanthropy is unrivalled. The state is lucky to have such a man declaring interest in running the state. He is a fresh breath and will e a blessing to all. The undeniable truth is that some of the people seeking the office of Osun State Governor have never managed 10 people in an office successfully. Akin Ogunbiyi knows the worth of money and how to create wealth.

Elder Lanre Moses, from the Allied Truck Transport Association of Nigeria, Osun State, said on behalf of the association, I assure the governorship aspirant and the good people of Osun state that we at ATTAN declare our support for DR. Ogunbiyi. He has been good to Osun State. Because we have seen what he has done, we believe if he gets into the office of governor, he will do better. We support him with our voice, our energy and our votes

Comrade Adeogun Ayobami from the State Workers constituency said: “We have been deceived before by pretenders who were only interested in the state’s kitty, but now, we have a man who has proved his mettle and demonstrated personal success in the corporate world. He has invested his wealth in educating our children and empowering our women. Therefore, I call on the people of Osun, I call on our husbands, our children and my fellow women of Osun who are beneficiaries of Ogunbiyi’s philanthropy to support and vote him into power so that we have the Osun of our dream. We are no longer voting for a party, we are voting for personality. We want people that can deliver”

Elated by the turnout by both the elite and grassroots people of the state, Dr Ogunbiyi enjoined his teeming supporters to ensure they collect their Permanent Voters’ Card and come out to vote on election day.



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