A deep dive into Hennessy’s ‘Made for More’ campaign

By Seun Johnson
The recently launched campaign by Hennessy with the theme: ‘Made for More,’ has reinforced the market leadership and brand equity of the world’s leading Cognac through its creative concept, innovative content creation, and attention-grabbing message.
‘Made for More’ is a new campaign launched to demonstrate the versatility of the spirit drink by featuring multi-talented US celebrity, Teyana Taylor, and British Nigerian-born actor, Damson Idris in a series of five films that centers on five cocktails to showcase the mixability of the Cognac and introduce a new, lighter, and fresher visual world for the brand.
Speaking on the campaign objectives, Julie Nollet, the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Hennessy stated that the campaign is about showcasing the limitless possibilities that Hennessy offers to all kinds of cocktails, noting that it aims to shake up brand perception and build on the brand’s legacy for a new generation.
Nollet further revealed that Hennessy is well-known everywhere but people don’t always know about how versatile it is and how it brings more flavor, depth, and complexity to all kinds of cocktails.
“Our new ‘Made for more’ campaign is bringing to life this notion of 1+1=3, showcasing the unlimited possibilities and introducing another side of the brand with beauty, fun, and open-mindedness,” she said.
Digging deep into its level of creativity and execution, the campaign perfectly captures the essence of the brand by emphasizing the idea that every individual is destined for greatness and capable of achieving more than they can imagine. With the use of storytelling, imagery, and messaging, the campaign resonates with the younger generation, inspiring them to pursue their passions and leave a lasting legacy. In other words, the concept establishes Hennessy’s commitment to innovation and cultural relevance in the spirits drink industry.
Also considering its effectiveness, the “Made for More” campaign has been generally adjudged to be highly effective in capturing attention and generating interest through its bold messaging and stunning imagery that stand out in a crowded advertising landscape. The campaign purposely tapped into themes of ambition, aspiration, and legacy that connect with the target audience, sparking curiosity and engagement.
With a central message that is clear and compelling, the advertising campaign is carefully and creatively packaged in five films that are shot by renowned director, Andreas Nilsson. At the same time, the Still pictures were captured by an accomplished photographer, Micaiah Carter. It leverages a clear voice, captivating visuals, and vitality of the spirit drink to connect deeply with Gen Z.
The overall campaign aligns with the overarching message of the brand in celebrating ambition, and success of individuals who break boundaries and redefine success. At the same time, the ‘Made for More’ campaign maintains a high degree of consistency with Hennessy’s previous campaigns and brand messaging.
The global launch which was held on Monday is expected to be followed by its featured presence at various festivals, starting with the Dreamville Festival curated by J. Cole and his team. This strategic placement at festivals will allow Hennessy to reach a wider audience and create a memorable brand experience.


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