A brand is exclusive trademark that has memories – Adefila

By Felicia Nwosu

Strong distinctive brands must be able to trigger nostalgically, and emotionally appeal to the psyche of the audience in order to resonate and ignite memorable impressions in their hearts. Overtime, strong brands gradually become synonymous with their owners, which is why they are ranked as the most important and valuable assets of the company.

Predicating his assertion on the above premise, Boye Adefila, Founder of Copycoach Nigeria, posited on his LinkedIn handle that, a brand is an exclusive trademark that has memories.

According to Adefila, brand logos are often the most basic and obvious forms of trademarks. He, however, noted that branding goes way beyond trademarks, even though they are the primary gatekeepers when it comes to identification.

“Branding starts with one or more promises made in the product packaging, which is the first thing you see on the shelf after the logo. If the packaging is bourgeois (upscale), you expect both a high price tag and a high quality product.

“The next promise is sometimes in the product label which carries details like the product net weight, the product claims, etc. For example, if it says endorsed by XYZ or by the Dental Association of Nigeria, you expect a certain minimum standard, right?

“Another promise often made on the label is what the product contains. For example, Vitamin C (Remember when everything in Nigeria had to have Vitamin C, except Cars), and so on the promises continue.

“So, this is the first half of branding. The second half comes after the consumer actually consumes your brand or patronises your service and agrees with your various product claims and promises. The recollection of the fulfilment of these various promises is stored in a server in the consumer’s head and heart. Each time the related need or want comes to mind, the brand memory pops up,” Adefila explained.

Finally, the marketing coach argued that brand memories can be awful or fantastic or just satisfactory.

“Without brand memories, however, there will be no repeat purchase without which there will be no reasonable profit. Protecting your brand starts from building memories that are worth protecting. So, I ask you today, do your customers have pleasant memories of your brand?” he queried.


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