World Safety Day: JC International Advocates for Inclusive OSH Workplace Strategy

JC International, a leading Inspection, Rope Access and Training company has appealed to organisations to adopt an inclusive Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) workplace strategy that allows employees to play active roles in preventing and mitigating workplace accidents.

In a statement signed by the Managing Director of the company, Engr. Austin Joseph, in commemoration of the 2018 World Day for Safety and Health at Work, stated that safety requires active commitments of all concerned parties.

Mr Joseph also urged all Nigerians to make conscious efforts toward ensuring safety at home and workplace, noting that most accidents happen as a result of ‘I didn’t see. I didn’t think. I didn’t know’, stressing that people need to think of safety in a more conscious and active manner that allows them to anticipate, see, think and know that safety is life.

The Safety Manager, JC International, Mr. Peter Nkemdirim, also emphasised that safety is one of the core values of the company. ‘We have a very strong safety culture that is built on an inclusive OSH framework. Our operations strictly conform to national and international safety standards’; the statement read.

‘With our strong commitment to ensuring a safer work environment for employees and customers through anticipation of risks, accident prevention programmes, compliance to safety laws and regulations as well as our 15-year weekly safety awareness initiative for staff and customers, JC International was able to attain zero incidence and zero fatality record in 2017’; he added.

Mr. Nkemdirim further posited that adopting an inclusive OSH workplace strategy does not only allow an organisation to prevent and mitigate hazards but also elicit employees’ participation towards achieving zero accidents at workplace.



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