Twisco, Onga, Loya Milk sponsor Children’s Day Golf Tournament

It was fun, glamour and funfair on 27th May 2024 as three marketing leading brands on the stable of Promasidor Nigeria created unforgettable experience for Nigerian children in the just concluded Children’s Day Celebrations. The three major brands that added colour and grandeur to this year’s event are: Twisco, Onga, and Loya Milk.

They did this by sponsoring a special golf tournament at Ikoyi Golf Club for thousands of school Children in the most historic and colourful manner. To be sure, this was the first time these prominent brands would be supporting the event, which provided a unique opportunity for children to engage in golf, promoting physical activity and healthy competition. It was huge, beautiful and exciting with lots of memorable moments.

The sponsorship by Twisco, Onga, and Loya Milk, all under the Promasidor Nigeria Limited umbrella, highlighted the brands commitment to fostering children’s development and well-being through sports and recreational activities.

Lilian Omorenua, Brand Manager of the Beverages Category at Promasidor Nigeria Limited, while commenting on the reasons for sponsoring the event, said: “The essential message of our brand is to power kids’ dreams and nourish kids’ dreams. Kids have different dreams; some want to do conventional things like becoming doctors or lawyers, and we are also interested in nourishing those who have unconventional dreams. This is an event where young people who want to become golfers can pursue their dreams. They want to play golf professionally, and they are already preparing for that now. The idea is that we want to help them nourish and sponsor that dream in whatever way we can. From Promasidor, we have three key brands: Twisco, which is the headline brand, Onga, and Loya Milk. We are sponsoring for the first time.”

Oyintola Akeredolu, Brand Manager for the Dairy Category at Promasidor Nigeria Limited, in her own views observed: “We sponsor events that have to do with children because they are our target audience. For Loya, we are big on strong bones; Loya has calcium, which is good for bones, and children need this to play sports. We have Onga here because they also need good nutrition.”

Also commenting on the novel initiative, Mr. Tunde Johnson, a past captain of Ikoyi Golf Club, expressed his gratitude to the brands and the organisation for prioritizing the kids for such a higher ideal of sports promotion.

His words: “Promasidor is a strong brand, and we are grateful for the support they gave because children are the future. Golf is an important game that teaches about life. To go for the game of golf, it is important that we start with them young. Golf teaches about life; it’s not about perfection but about how you manage your mistakes. This is what we want to inculcate in the children: understanding integrity, teamwork, and knowing that while things may not always be perfect, you will overcome if you keep working and practicing.”

The event was the high point of all activities lined up this year to celebrate Children’s Day in Lagos State. This unique initiative put premium on the children and the importance of sports developments the lives of the children vis- a- vis the role of brands in supporting their dreams and aspirations.

At the end of the event the Children were well entertained and got lots of gifts and promotional items.


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