Tunji Olugbodi: Confessions of an Adman

About this time 30 years ago, I made my initial foray into marketing communication as a concept /copy writer. I wanted a sabbatical from journalism, still very unsure of what’s best from the several career options before me then. But advertising held an allure that was difficult to overlook. I had mentors and friends who made the switch relatively easy. That’s a story I am willing to tell some other day when the time is ripe. My joining PROMOSERVE Advertising (with the golden voice Uncle Kehinde Adeosun as Founder /Chairman) could be regarded as the major step in solidifying the interest and love.

I started work on December 2nd, 1989 as a business development executive. But as the countdown towards December began, I had inevitably been doing some evaluation and soul search… “How well have I ventured and what have I gained? More importantly, what have I etched in the sands of time as a practitioner? The evaluation template will remain a subjective exercise since we are all slaves to whimsical emotional bias. But I remain proud, very proud of the birthing of VERDANT ZEAL and the faith we had in the lushness of the green vegetation and the sprout we invented.

At that time in 2007, we revelled in the symbolism of fruitfulness in the midst of pervasive lack, systemic deprivation, hostile trading environment and problems of learning to be a ‘business man’. Triumphs, trials, challenges, disappointment and even failures have been the ingredients that continue to help nurture a wholesome experience in entrepreneurship, creativity and INNOVENTION. When the sprout, the VZ logo was created in 2006, my prayer was that one day this would represent true value.

We continue to nurture that dream today. It continues to propel us to try harder, aim higher and work smarter. Fortunately, no matter the state of the journey, the success trip is a trip where you never really get to “arrive” or rest on your oars to gladly say: “I have conquered.”  It’s all tied up in seasons and patterns of times. You can only be as good as your best effort from yesterday. You can only be as good as how well you reinvent yourself.


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