Technology enables, provides convenience for GenZ – strategists 

By Abimbola Mohammed

Aditi Mishra, CEO, Lodestar UM, and Kulanath Kaushik from Lodestar UM’s strategy team, have asked brands to be dynamic, agile and authentic to keep pace with GenZs, as technology, they noted, enables and provides convenience for them.

They made this call during a Podcast called “GenZs’ Interaction with Brands”, monitored by MARKETING EDGE on YouTube, recently.

The podcast was organized by E4m in collaboration with Lodestar UM, one of India’s leading media agencies and a part of the Mediabrands India network, to create “Generational Zeitgeist”.

The 3rd episode of the podcast focused on their conversations and surveyed GenZs on multiple categories, including ‘Technology,’ ‘Automobile,’ and ‘Health & Well-Being’. Which provided insight in terms of them understanding what is important to them, how they engage with brands and how they consume media.

According to Mishra, “technology is present everywhere today in this time of today’s generation because it is like they are born with phones in their hands that is why they enjoy all the advantages of these technologies and also because it provides convenience. They are tech native.

“Technology is an enabler for GenZ, providing convenience and comfort. While 90% of GenZs find the technology convenient, 86% feel it makes their lives comfortable. However, participants highlighted concerns over laziness, intrusive tech, and “fake news” cycles. Although they use service-focused tech platforms like Google and Facebook regularly, they tend to prefer product-centric brands like Apple or OnePlus.”

Speaking on the role of automobiles, Kaushik said brands need to analyze its purpose: “As the automobile market grows and prestige aesthetics alone are no longer sufficient. Brands need a clear, strong point of differentiation that serves a purpose. Regarding electric vehicles and sustainability, GenZ has a realistic approach and would like to see infrastructure development, sourcing of power and raw material, and the actual green footprint of EVs.”

“GenZ prioritizes mental health alongside physical health. The pandemic has brought mental health to the forefront of their conversations, and job satisfaction is a key criterion for them. While they prefer healthy food, they also indulge in treats for mental satisfaction. For them, complete well-being is the focus rather than physical health alone,” she added.


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