Stanbic IBTC Trustees Leverages on Lasting Legacy

Stanbic IBTC Trustees Limited, known for its mission to provide world-class trusteeship services in Nigeria, has launched a nationwide marketing campaign to heighten awareness among Nigerians on the desirability and beauty of leaving a lasting legacy.

The campaign, with the theme “Stanbic IBTC Legacee”, urges Nigerians to leave a long-lasting legacy by embracing a culture that ensures the uncomplicated acquisition of assets and seamless distribution of such assets to cherished ones.
Binta Max-Gbinije, Chief Executive Officer of Stanbic IBTC Trustees Limited, speaking on campaign said in the same manner that people look after themselves, a much more enduring legacy is to also look out for others, be they parents or children, father and mother, siblings, relations, the family, community and country.

Max-Gbinije said that the African culture is characterised by bond, adding that long after an individual has passed away, a memorable way of remembering him/her is the legacy left behind and its benefit to other members of the community, especially the family.

This, she said, was what makes estate planning imperative, not just by wealthy people, but everyone else, regardless of their social and financial standing.

Max-Gbinije said: “This awareness campaign is part of our duty and mission to enlighten the public on issues around having a positive legacy. This is not a brand promotion, but a concerted effort at drawing attention to the strategic role of estate planning in the seamless transfer of assets. This practice is essential for the overall orderly development of society. By having an enduring legacy, the values and ideals important to the individual would likely be maintained.’’

“When you are driven by the understanding that other peoples’ interests are as important as your own, then you will not have any qualms recognizing the importance of preserving the family’s legacy by creating a set of documents that helps in preparing for such certainties as death and taxes. To ensure the message reaches every Nigerian, the campaign will run on radio, television, press and outdoor. It’s central theme is a clear understanding that death is inevitable and should be recognized as such and planned for, while alive.

“We are all familiar with the issues that often arise upon death, with members of the family pitched against one another. This is often resolved by the courts, sometimes after a prolonged litigation that would have drained everybody. This can be avoided with an estate plan which lets the individual decide how his assets are handled after passage”.

The company, she said, understands the art and importance of legacy, and coming from Stanbic IBTC, which has a stated goal of serving the individual through the various life stages, the campaign will leverage on the 153 year-old pedigree of the Standard Bank Group, to which Stanbic IBTC belongs, to deliver a win-win outcome for all stakeholders.

Apart from writing a Will, she identified options available to make provisions for loved ones to include instituting a Living Trust and Gifting of assets, all of which facilitate orderly acquisition and transfer of assets.

She said Stanbic IBTC Trustees Limited will be organizing a number of awareness road-shows and customer meets through which the public and stakeholders will gain valuable insight into the importance of estate planning and how they can harness trusteeship services to their benefit.

The company has launched a number of products in furtherance of its mission to provide world-class trusteeship services in Nigeria. Among them is the Stanbic IBTC Educational Trust (SET), an educational trust product that assists parents and guardians to provide sound education for their children and wards. The product offers numerous long-term benefits which assure beneficiaries of a brighter future via education and training.


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