Omojafor Wants Bigger Role For AAAN BOT

Former President of Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN), Sir Steve Omojafor believes that the AAAN board of trustees should be given broader roles to play as the association strives to restore the advertising industry back to profitability.

Omojafor who is also the Chairman of STB-McCann, a foremost advertising firm in Nigeria told MARKETING EDGE during an exclusive interview that the elders in the industry can be of great assistance to the new generation agencies in the country by offering their wealth of experience and guidance.

“I would rather that the board of trustees are given much stronger roles in terms of keeping the industry where it should be; helping out the new generation agencies as they all grapple for survival and for existence; to make more inroads into the businesses for which we are known for. I think the elders of the industry made up of past presidents which also make up the board of trustees must begin to play more strategic roles in terms of rebuilding the industry as it were in collaboration with ADVAN, MIPAN, etc”, he said.

“APCON has not been up to it because of political misunderstanding with regards to who we are and what our roles would be viz-a-viz the government, viz-a-viz the industry, viz-a-viz the society. So I think that is where more work still needs to be done”, the respected adman said.

Presently, the association has constituted a board of trustees which has Mr. Ayo Owoborode as chairman, Mr. Biodun Shobanjo as member, Chief Akin Odunsi as member, Mr. Kelechi Nwosu – the current AAAN President as member, Mrs. Bola Thomas as member as well as Sir Steve Omojafor – essentially past presidents.



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