NGE calls for immediate withdrawal of fine on broadcast stations

By Felicia Nwosu

Mustapha Isah, president of Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE), has expressed displeasure as he called for the immediate withdrawal of the fine, while condemning the sanction imposed on TRUST TV, DSTV, TSTV, and NTA by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

The NGE president urged the government to embrace the media as partners in progress in its fight against terrorism instead of sanctioning them for performing their constitutional responsibility. He also stressed the resolve of the guild not to buckle under any circumstance in its duty of defending and promoting the cause of democracy and press freedom in the country.

“I have watched the Trust TV documentary several times and I did not see where it glamourised or glorified banditry. In fact, such report can help the government in its fight against terrorism,” Isah said.

In the same vein, Trust TV officials said, while they were studying the commission’s action and weighing options, they believed they were acting in the public interest by highlighting the thorny issue of banditry and how it is affecting millions of citizens of the country.


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