New Crystal deploys LEDs on Street Lamp Poles/ Facility interactive signs

…sets to launch an App

Leading outdoor advertising agency, New Crystal Communications Limited has deployed LightEmitting Diodes (LEDs) on street lamp poles as one of its strategies in reaching its target consumers.

This is coming just as the agency is set to launch a mobile application that would enable consumers to view the various billboard, the GIS coordinates and other properties including live traffic count data from the comfort of their phones and computers.

General Manager, New Crystal Communications Limited, Mr. Ben IIo, said that deploying the LEDs on street lamp poles was one of the innovations the agency introduced in 2018, stressing that the project had begun fully in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu and other parts of the country.

According to him, the LEDs are visual friendly and people can interact with it while driving on the roads or when they are in traffic with so much manipulations.

In his words: “We try to come up with different products every year. This year, we are doing LDEs on street lamp poles and interactive facility LEDs.” With transparent data provision app for client.

IIo noted that New Crystal had acquired over 200 pieces of street lamp pole LEDs which is being deployed adding that the agency had already deployed indoor facility LEDs in most viewing centers, gardens and restaurants across the country.


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