Marketing professionals urged to embrace positivity following Presidential Inauguration

By Zion Rufus

In the aftermath of Nigeria’s historic presidential inauguration, brands and communications expert Helen Akue has issued a compelling call to Nigerian marketing professionals, urging them to adopt a positive mindset as they resume their professional responsibilities.

With the inauguration marking the commencement of a new chapter in the nation’s journey, Akue emphasized the significance of maintaining optimism during periods of change and transition.

“Times of transition often come with uncertainties and challenges, but it is precisely in these moments that resilience and determination shine the brightest. Nigeria, renowned for its diverse talents, cultures, and abundant resources, possesses the collective strength to overcome any obstacles that may lie ahead,” she stated.

The expert further underlined the unique opportunity held by marketing professionals to shape narratives and inspire change within society.

According to her, by harnessing their skills, creativity, and passion, professionals can contribute positively to their communities, amplifying stories of progress, innovation, unity, as they play an instrumental role in forging a brighter future for Nigeria.

“Maintaining a positive mindset in the face of adversity is also of paramount importance, as positivity breeds optimism, fueling progress and development,” Akue continued, encouraging Nigerians to also support and uplift one another, fostering a sense of hope and possibility.

She highlighted the significance of unity and embracing diversity as the nation collectively works towards a shared vision of prosperity and greatness.

“Nigeria stands at a critical juncture, and a positive mindset will serve as a guiding light to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for growth and development. I firmly believe that by embracing positivity and fostering collaboration across various sectors, including marketing, Nigerians can pave the way for a brighter future,” she said.

In her final remarks, Akue buttressed that this call to embrace positivity acts as a reminder that Nigeria’s success ultimately lies in the hands of its people.

“By approaching challenges with optimism and unity, the nation can overcome obstacles and build a prosperous future. Marketing professionals, armed with their skills and dedication, hold a unique position in shaping narratives that inspire progress and unity. Through their positive mindset, they can actively contribute to the transformative journey of Nigeria and positively impact the lives of its people,” she noted.



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