Lenovo launches One Channel to streamline operations

In a bid to streamline operations and offer a channel engagement model for all of its managed and unmanaged partners, Lenovo Africa has launched a new channel programme called One Channel.

“Previously, we operated in siloes, with the Relationship sales team handling accounts with more than 500 users and the SMB sales team covering our smaller resellers. In addition to the above, the Enterprise or System X team joined the channel and end user team and thus giving us a single voice and face when dealing with our partners, which greatly simplifies the channel,” Abrie van Staden, Channel Lead at Lenovo Africa.

Van Staden said while partners will enjoy the simplification of dealing with one person end to end, each area of the business will continue to be managed individually to ensure customers continue to get the service they expect from Lenovo.

In addition to the launch of One Channel, Van Staden said Lenovo Africa is also improving its communication with its managed and unmanaged partners through the use of the Lenovo app. The app makes use of gamification and edutainment features as well as push notifications as an interactive means of engaging with users.

Van Staden says: “We have 300 managed partners and 2500 unmanaged partners, and it is essential that we keep communication channels open with each one. Our managed partners are the constant high sellers, but the unmanaged partners are just as important because of the opportunities they present and their sheer number. So our communication starts with One Channel, but beyond that, with our app we are ensuring our communication is relevant, timely and keeps our partners involved in our business.”

Van Staden disclosed that as the app continues to evolve, functionality will be added to allow partners to reply to push notifications as well as send queries using text and voice messaging.

Along with the move to One Channel, Lenovo Africa is also working on upskilling its teams with the knowledge of its new product offerings, including its tablet range and the ThinkServer. The server in particular opens up exciting new opportunities for both Lenovo and its partners in terms of the added service it can now offer customers.

“It has never been a better time to partner with Lenovo,” says van Staden. “Projects like One Channel and the Lenovo app, along with our world-class product portfolio ensures we remain flexible, agile and nimble in the marketplace – and give our partners the tools to do the same.”


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