Infuse digital culture into brand’s marketing strategy – Itua

 By Felicia Nwosu

 Aizehi Itua, Head of Brand Marketing Communication & Digital experiential Business at Connect Marketing Service, has said that digital culture has become a part of consumers’ daily lives. He suggested that this powerful and impactful element should be considered when designing an omnichannel experience for consumers to enhance engagement and affinity.

Making this revelation on his LinkedIn page, the marketing expert said: “We live in an era where brands are aware of cultural nuances and how they influence consumer behaviour. Digital habits are not exempt from these nuances. The show-and-tell culture must be incorporated into any brand’s overall marketing communication strategy. I look forward to seeing how this will be expressed in integrated marketing communications. These are beautiful times, and we are ready for them.”

He advised brands to take advantage of seasonal and consumer engaging events and trends such as the ongoing FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to build up consumers’ passion point, by infusing digital culture into their marketing messages.

“The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is live and brands are tapping into the football passion to connect with their consumers. Top brands such as Nike and PepsiCo have infused the digital culture into their adverts expertly, and so other brands can leverage such for growth as well,” he said.

Itua said that over the years, the world has seen the infusion of digital technology into marketing materials such as advertising. He alluded that these ads have been reflections of the world at the time.

He explained that technology as an element of pop culture has become more prominent in recent times due to its rapid adoption, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This, he pointed out, has also had an impact on consumer engagement, as technology becomes increasingly integrated into the lives of the young and vibrant generation.

“Nike and PepsiCo recently released commercials for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and one thing we saw was the infusion of digital social experiences in these playful ads. Both brands tried to create a nostalgic feeling by helping fans relive their favourite football moments through their favourite football legends. This was done in a bid to create anticipation for the biggest football event in the world while reminding fans of how far they have come.

“In analyzing the Pepsi ad, the brand brought digital culture to life. Set in the Middle East, we saw the infusion of digital social engagements through likes, mentions, shares, and online news.”

According to him, these are accompanied by a display of the culture that has become the current reality which was done while retaining global brand consistency.

“The Nike commercial emphasized the use of technology for experimentation and nostalgia via augmented and virtual reality. The brand attempted to relive history today while giving a glimpse of what the future holds. We also saw the element of scale personalization through fandom being linked to a love of football,” Itua said.


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